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Is this Company Legitimate? Absolute REO Solutions, to sign up is $295.00 I did and I have not heard from them.

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Hello Stephen!
Can you give me an update call on how things are shaping up in the Los Angeles area?
Good afternoon Stephen! Please update me also on the Riverside County area. I have emailed your assistant several times with no response.

Thank you, and Happy Holidays!!
I signed up with them a few months back as well. Steve said they represent small banks and should be grwoing in Riverside & San Bernardino County Areas in So California in the near fututre. I paid the $295. and am still waiting. Keep me posted
Have you received any listings yet?
Hi Leticia.

I also signed up with them about a month ago, but no assignments yet. I had spoke with Aaron from Vendor Relations a few weeks ago, and he was very friendly and informative. He said they're projecting enough inventory to last through 2014. Although they only have 4 or 5 listings in AZ right now, I'm sure in 2010 they'll have plenty to go around.

He also said something very unique: that if you don't receive an assignment from them within 12 months, they'll refund you're application fee! I've NEVER had an asset management company make that guarantee.

I also like their website; it seems pretty easy to navigate and track your listings and assigned work.

I emailed Stephen Johnson a 'Hello' message and my information and am awaiting a reply. I'm sure at some point once the foreclosures ramp up in the coming months that all the qualified agents will receive some assignments.

Hi Stephan,
I am a member of Absolute Reo in the Corona /Riverside area. How is it coming for work in my area
P.S Have a Merry Christmas!!!
I also signed up several months ago. Nothing yet in GA! I have emailed company reps several times. Nice, but always the same = working on getting listings. Things are coming together! Let's hope so, $295.00 is a lot to pay.
I have been approached by them also. $295 is a lot of money if you don't get any business from them. One listing would pay for itself though.
Nobody below has received any assignments either. Whats the hold up. I am skeptical of all the newbies that are jumping into this market on the premise of teaching us what we need to know and "How to get REO listings".
I am going to need references in order to move forward with this.
I emailed them for a refund but so far no refund and no reply.

Were you satisfied with the outcome? They have contacted me. Told me I would be able to get BPO's to recoup the $295 right away and listings hopefully in the future.

I asked them for a refund as well.... its been hmm... 6-8 work from them AND... no response to my last email.... (actually the first time I asked for it, I recvd a bpo......)....i LIVE IN FT.LAUDERDALE fL... home OF THE FORECLOSURE...... if I havent recvd reo's from them by now...... I wont////////now I just want my money one seems to want to honor their refund policy......
Rose, I gabe them $295 too and never recieved any work from them let alone a lead. Today there will be a lot of companies trying to make money off people. Which was very easy money for them. It is unfortunate that I truly believe they were ligitimate. Only part that we cann be glad is that it is tax deductible.


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