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I just have to get this off of my chest...I hate the fact that some brokers have the same picture from 1989 on their business cards. If you look different then take an updated picture of yourself. While being at the 5star I met so many people whom I didn't know. Why? Because the picture on all of the blogs, business cards, etc. We all age so don't make a fool out of yourself; you keep your business updated right? So keep your profile pic updated. It's a blessing to grow old so take pride in that. And if you are young that's great too! Just embrace your self as who you are. You'll be a happier person in the long run. Now I'm done venting...LOL. I'll catch you guys on the flip side! 

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I agree 100%,I take a horrible picture,and I do not put one on my card for right now. We had an agent in the area that put a billboard up on a major highway with her picture.....I had never met her,but when I went to a meeting and she introduced herself I almost fell over!! To give you an idea of how old the picture was on the billboard,her daughter is now in real estate and she looks older than the picture that her mother used on the billboard!!

If those agents that do this, and there are many, if they only knew that people are making fun of them behind their backs,and if we are,their customers must be too. I understand perfectly, I've only been in a few years and I'm 64 and am currently loosing weight,so when I get where I want to be I will have a good picture done and figure that will get me through to the end? But to me, Real Estate agents have a terrible reputation with a lot of the public for being dishonest....doesn't that just reinforce that?
Right! There is an agent in our area who has done the same thing! Its a bill board and he looks great! Like he's air brushed or something...But any who believe it or not that's 1 of the #1 speculations with consumers. I am glad that I look like me and the public knows it! LOL
Hey Marqueze, good to meet you in person at the 5 Star. Did you have a good event? I thought it was very worthwile in a lot of ways.

Regarding pictures, I just have to say, wait til you get old! Let the people live their glory days again.

Im thinking about scanning my yearbook photo for my new business cards.

Chris you are hilarious! Hey man i'll have my list of contacts soon. I'll shoot them over to you when I am done compiling them. And if no one knows C.B. he is a COOL CAT!!!!!! As we'll say, "we kicked it hard!" LOL!!!!!!
lolol.... I was well rested last Dec. when I took my pics...... had nice silk sweater on.... make-up- nice and neat...... then I went back to work..... by the end of the day--- the make up was gone--- I was tired and beat... my sweater was around my waist.... and NO longer looked like my pic.......lollolollololollololololo
laugh my butt off @ Rose!!!!!
Marqueze....seriously there are some real estate agents out there that need to just all together leave the picture off the card it would be better for their business. Thanks for the reminder...mine is a year and a half old and I just havn't had a good hair day since. Need a wig. Not high on my priority list...I may need a double dog dare at this point. Good luck.

My partner has done billboards and print ad with his picture forever...and the only comment I have heard from our clients is that "I thought he was taller and bigger" it is important to keep your look up-to-date because reality is people do notice. Again Good luck w/ that.
Hey Marqueze,

Your picture looks pretty good the way it is. Who is your manicurist? No need to worry about your flip side.

Hey, did you read that very insightful book on REO Pro that was written by an asset manager? Between his sage advise and the golden nuggets you are providing, we all should be getting a handle on what it takes to be a star in our individual areas. Still, sometimes it seems like we're still fumbling around in the dark in search of the light switch that offers hard and fast rules on how to be successful REO brokers and agents. Being a member of an organization like REO Pro still is the best single source I have found to help default professionals in real estate wade through the, uh, BS. The CDPE certification is another venue to get the training you need. I don't even care if those in the default industry acknowledge this NAR certification, nothing but experience has prepared me better.

I have to believe your advise on continuing to do BPO's is sound. You suggested signing up with every company under the sun. Let me tell you, there is SUCH a difference between companies. The rating system found on our site has been spot on. I am signed up with over 30 companies. Some, like Clear Capital and LSI have been great. They don't promise you'll get the listings from the BPO's you do but they're big enough so AM's and, more important, their clients will see your BPO's. After my personal vetting process, I have dropped several companies because their forms were too hard to fill out, they outsource their support to India or it was clear that they were clueless and were using us as beta testers for their BPO forms.

Your posts have been most enlightening. Up until now I have balked at the cover charge for 5 Star but now realize if ya gonna play, ya gotta pay!

BTW, I cover Mendocino county where the giant redwoods meet the sea.




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