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I received an email from TazaREO about signing up to receive BPO and REO assignments. First month is FREE and $99/mo. thereafter. Anybody had any experience with them?

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They are just starting so who knows. I use TAZA as my REO back office so they approached users first. I get the feeling from conversations with them that they will primarily solicit BPO's.
We are a TazaREO user and also received the solicitation for BPO/REO assignments. Since we are Taza users, we don't have the additional cost that non-Taza users need to pay after the free first month. We'll see where it goes from here. I believe that we will see BPO orders and ultimately, REO Assignments. This, of course, depends upon when those darned "flood gates" to back-logged REOs opens up...

So far, we've been impressed with Taza and the support we get. We'll see how Tazaville goes...
We use Taza as our management system, and are loving it. I actually received a bpo, yeah! We will see where it goes from there.
We use TAZA and actually recived an assignment!! YEAH! I spoke to some of my other friends out east and apparently they have many investment companies purchasing bulk tapes from Fannie.


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