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Heard of optimalreosolutions, same as TEAM LEAR DISPOSITION?

I received an Email from this company. They want to assign me two properties, but they want me to pay retaining of 400.00+ They have the same story as Team Lear, I'd like to hear if anyone of you has worked or working with these company?

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Thanks for the heads up. 

I received a call from Optimal REO Solutions and was assigned what they deemed an REO property. They wanted a $500 up front fee which I was leary of but paid.  I was actually walking to a morning session at a recent REOMAC conference when I took the call, and could not do an occupancy check until the next day. Occupancy check done, however, their proprietary site for the BPO didn't seem right, and when I had a title company pull a title search on the property, it had not even gone through a Trustee Sale yet in Clark County, Nevada. RED FLAG!  I immediately contacted the "asset manager" who initially called me demanding my $500 back which they did. 

Hello Michael... 

I also have requested a refund from this company .. they charged my credit card on August 11th.. 2016 and I still am awaiting for the refund to appear.. I called the company phone number direct and spoke to David Sty and he stated that the refund would come in a form of check back to me.. I wanted to know how was your money refunded back to you in the form of a check or did they refund back to your credit card? 

Just received the call myself. They gave me a property that has been foreclosed on. I have asked for references from agents they work with which they said they would provide tomorrow. Yes I paid the fee $500. I did check BBB which states they are in good standing no complaints. So praying I didn't get scammed. God what a business!! Any other info from anyone on this company, please let us know.

Hello Jason,

Did you request a refund.. ? I do not believe they are a legit company.. I have requested a refund and am waiting for my fund to be returned.. 

I received a check back for $500 and couldn't get to the bank fast enough!  It did clear by the way...good luck!

Thanks Michael.. for the info. I have disputed the charge with my credit card company.. As of now I also received an email back from Optimal REO Solutions.. stating that they had a problem with checks so they have credited back the money to my credit card. it has not yet hit the account. I am still waiting as of now.. So Dam Frustrating.. Never ever again.. I will not pay a company for my services.. I am not in this business to be paying companies.. for nothing.. 

So, after investigating them, they do not exist. Scam company, Run,Run,Run. When I called and asked for references and told them that I would be investigating them they reversed the charges on my card and now wont respond to any of my calls or emails.

O sorry i did not see this post prior to posting a few mins ago to the other .. post you had on May 18th, 2016. I have requested a refund as of August 11th, and they stated to me that they would refund me in the form of a check.. I do not believe anything they have to say. I am challenging their charges with my credit card company as of now.. I have requested that my funds be returned back to my credit card.. I also emailed and sent a text message to Lindsay Day.. that was whom I spoke to that stated I needed to sign up to receive the assignment. I cannot believe people can get away with this.. I really need to receive my money back. Any insight as to investigating them .. I have already made a complaint tonight with the Federal Trade Commission..  Please let me know as to whom else I may contact.. so that they stop this and do not scam other Agents.. Thank you.

You need to call your credit card company to get the charges reversed.  Tell your credit card company  this is a fraudulent charge.  You may need to write a letter of explanation.


They seem to be working the Utah area now. Did not pay them, smelled a scam. website seemed to be a shell site. Linsey Day's phone number is now blocked. Thanks Reo Pro for being such a great sounding board for so many honest and hard working Realtors!


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