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Hey Everyone! I got this acceptance email back from Fannie Mae.....

Does anyone know if this is a positive sign to get on with Fannie Mae Direct?? Thanks in advance!


Welcome to SAP E-Sourcing. You have been established as a user of SAP E-Sourcing software. The software serves as Fannie Mae's central supplier database. It is utilized to facilitate our supplier registration process, capture ongoing updates to supplier profiles and documentation, identify prospective suppliers for bidding opportunities, and to communicate and manage competitive bidding opportunities.

Registration in SAP E-Sourcing does not guarantee that your company will be selected to do business with Fannie Mae. Should your company be invited to participate in a bidding opportunity you will receive a separate email notification. In the interim, complete the steps listed below to ensure you can connect to the system.

A temporary SAP E-Sourcing application password has been generated for you. After you Logon using the new temporary password, you will be prompted to change your password.

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Hate to burst your bubble we all got this email.  Most of us got it last year or even two years ago and then they put the "new" people on a blast email and every 3 months or so they would brush us all off for antoher 3 months.

I would recommend you sign up with all their oursourcers instead you will have a better chance of getting on.  Fannie will bypass a local agent and give listings to an agent 60 miles away just like Freddie and use the old we "reward" our loyal brokers as an excuese for this practice.  I have been to at least a dozen REO conferences over the last 3 years where they stand up and lie bold faced and say they NEVER give out listings over 10 miles from the subject.  Wonder why they are loosing money and Congress wants to shut the doors?

Good Luck....CJ

FNMA sends an actual email invitation for "on boarding".  Email come from Business Review - Broker Notification On Boarding with complete vendor package attached when approved.

Kent Steffes

I got the same e-mail even after I recieved an earlier e-mail telling me I was nor approved this time around.
Hang in there. I got final approval 4/11/11 and received my first assignment on the 13th and another today.  Be prepared for a quick learning curve, a lot of information to review for both the and site and the procedures that are required by the asset manager.  Be prepared for a report card, we get them.  On the flip side, more work and more closed properties will be in your future leading to a prosperous real estate career in a tough market.

Congrats!!! Way to go!  I am still waiting for their response.

Walt, where are you located?
Bedford, Franklin, Roanoke Counties and Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia...Everyone on this forum should visit Smith Mountain Lake.

Been to Smith Mountain Lake. Very nice. :)

How many times did you fill out the application before your were accepted?
I got accepted the first time but not getting my hopes up thats for sure.
How long did it take?


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