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Hey Everyone! I got this acceptance email back from Fannie Mae.....

Does anyone know if this is a positive sign to get on with Fannie Mae Direct?? Thanks in advance!


Welcome to SAP E-Sourcing. You have been established as a user of SAP E-Sourcing software. The software serves as Fannie Mae's central supplier database. It is utilized to facilitate our supplier registration process, capture ongoing updates to supplier profiles and documentation, identify prospective suppliers for bidding opportunities, and to communicate and manage competitive bidding opportunities.

Registration in SAP E-Sourcing does not guarantee that your company will be selected to do business with Fannie Mae. Should your company be invited to participate in a bidding opportunity you will receive a separate email notification. In the interim, complete the steps listed below to ensure you can connect to the system.

A temporary SAP E-Sourcing application password has been generated for you. After you Logon using the new temporary password, you will be prompted to change your password.

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I got the same thing.
How long did it take you to get approved from the time that you applied?  Also do they hire more than one agent per RE office for different states?  Do they base the 10 mile radius based on your office address or home address?  Just curious?  Thanks for the help....
Don't pop the champagne just yet.  I received one of those several months ago and still haven't heard anything else.....
they are good to work with but you can only sent in bills once you reach 250 so you might have alot of money out there waiting to get back
I am very fortunate the my company takes care of all the bills.  I send the invoices and they take care of the 571's.  Of course 1093 will be over that amount and that is not an issue.
Sorry, it just means they received your application.  I'm at the same place you are right now.  I agree with a previous answer to submit applications to the outsourcers.  Be persistant and eventually, something clicks.  Good luck.

Hang in there I have tried for years to become a direct fannie or freddie broker and never get anything but if we need someone in your area you will be in our pile.  I received something similar also.  I really hope it pans out. 


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