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Home Buyer's, and Renters Beware. Alleged Property Management Scam in San Diego

Before Showing a Bank Owned Home to your clients, be sure there VACANT. Please Read

There is a company here in San Diego, California which created a Non-Profit Organization who was able to file a Quit Claim Deed in the County to take possession of Foreclosed Homes, and are renting them out.

So be careful when showing homes that are Bank Owned, with unsuspecting tenants. A Rude awakening is coming to this group, stay tuned.

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There has recently been arrest in the Atlanta area with a similiar scam group.

That's terrible I'm listed with several asset management
Companies, that are responsible for these home being vacant
For so long to allow this type of faud to occur

Yes, they are calling it sovereign domain.  Crazy that more arrest have not been made here in Atlanta market yet because it more prevelent that some realize.

Sovereign Domain? Ignorance is Bliss. Here in California it's called FRAUD. Which also Equates Jail Time.

 Thank you for the information Joy.


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