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I've been signed up with them since the beginning and they've both been mute as of late.

The programs sound amazing. Its a shame they haven't taken off yet.

Anyone heard anything from these guys lately?

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They claim to not have taken off due to the trainer being out on medial leave...who knows?
Here is the latest update I got from Home Telos

"We continue to work with our initial servicer, Citi Mortgage on a limited number of properties across the country and have been quite successful. We are currently in negotiation with other servicers. We hope to be working with these new servicers in the very near future which should greatly expand our program. "
This is what I got today....

"At this time we do not have any training scheduled for HomeTelos brokers. You will be notified when training is available in your area.

Thank you, "
It seems like these programs make so much sense and should be blowing up. I don't get why they haven't done so yet.
I got an email stating that the trainer is back from medical leave and will be scheduling webinars again. Keep your fingers crossed!
Did anyone that was at Five Star go to their Lender/Servicer Open House? If so, what all did they have to say?

In regards to Grace being back, that's great but unless Grace comes back with a few thousand assets in her pocket, that does us no good ;). I did the training almost a year ago now. I'm ready for some assignments.
Thanks to Jesus and everyone else on this site. I am soaking up as much info as possible, I really appreciate what you are all willing to share, and I would like to do my part.

I have been signed up with Short Sale Plan almost from the beginning as well. It was actually recommended to me by a former IndyMac Spokesperson. He had told me that this company was scheduled/contracted to work with IMB on all of their shortsales. This was before the One West take over.

I was just in touch with Short Sale Plan last night and he talked a little more about the current administration being very pro short sale and that we are all in the race just like the movie "Its a Mad, Mad, Mad World". Everyone is in the race to win (obviously), and that there was no one right way to do it. He stated that whether it be Top-down approved (Shortsale Path's Plan) or bottom up, just do it because it will be worth the investment. He told me that we would start to see some inventory in the 2nd quarter, and by the 3rd quarter they would be sending out a much larger amount of inventory from Short Sale Path.
I am still waiting for my first HomeTelos deal and I signed 5 months before Five Star '09.
I'm still waiting on the training! O.o
Yeah, that is what I meant....I am still waiting for training as well.
I have gotten the training but i have not received any listing yet. Its been almost over a year.
How do you sign up and what is the cost?


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