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I've been signed up with them since the beginning and they've both been mute as of late.

The programs sound amazing. Its a shame they haven't taken off yet.

Anyone heard anything from these guys lately?

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Been signed up for a long time, got in touch with the trainer, she says will start webinars soon. Maybe a prodding email again??
I signed up a long time ago as well. Wonder why they only have one trainer?
I've been with them....about to be a year, I think, and I can't even get trained. Everytime I send an email or make a call it's, "Webinar is coming" but, nothing yet.
I've been signed up w/ short sale path since, last april... havent heard a word. I dont know what to think except I'm out $600 w/out even an update.How come some folks hear even knew about training?? I didnt, I paid.....dang
I dont understand why they cant send regular emails w/ updates... I've received 1 and it had nothing to say.
How do these people and others get away w/ so much crap... its unfair that we as realtors are trying to connect with great ideas and movements.... and we get screwed 70% of the time....... now watch, one of them will read this and I'll get black-balled..... lol.... am not a happy camper.......
Wait a Short Sale Path the same as Home Telos? I didn't pay anything to Home Telos to get signed up...I probably won't bother with Short Sale Path if they do have fees to join...
I love this message board but the usage of our real names causes me and some others to pull back our punches.

@Jesse: is there any way to make anonymous posts on here?
Honestly, I'd rather keep it professional. If there were anonymous posts, things can get out of hand and quite frankly get childish. I've seen this happen in other forums.
I am waiting for the Loan Exit Option training as well...I did get a email when they needed an E&O update.

It has been a few years since this thread was created and seems like noboy gotten business from them yet, are you guys getting business now?  Any feedback on this company and should I spend $450 to join them?

$450? never heard that. Is this for short sale?

Yup, to join their network is $450, of course they don't garuantee business back.

I been their preferred broker and i didn't pay a dime. What state are you from and where you would like to sign up? Have they emailed you to sign up and pay that fee?


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