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I've been signed up with them since the beginning and they've both been mute as of late.

The programs sound amazing. Its a shame they haven't taken off yet.

Anyone heard anything from these guys lately?

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No, I just recently heard of them and wanted to check them out.  Are they legit?  Are they sending you business?  Can you give some feedback on them, and if I should sign up with them or not?  I am in WA, Seattle area.

Please email me for more details.

I am a local listing Broker for Hometelos for HUD homes. I'm not familiar with the short sale plan though.

Hi Dawn.  We have a HUD category under Realtor/Agent Deals.  We'd love to have you help us jumpstart that area, from one Ohioan to another.

I think short sale plan is a big waste--- and I recieved nothing for my money...... their webinars are long winded and frankly--- nothing new....I feel ripped off.... who the heck takes money for something thats not ready to "start" .... con artists...... am ticked off with them.... as they continue to re-invent themselves.... and nothing happens...... dont waste your money!!


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