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Horizon Solutions: looking for former Titanium Solutions HRCs

I've been contacted by Dave Sahlin with HorizonSolutionsOnline. He was and is looking for former Titanium Solutions HRCs to join this site for $90 to get direct-to-agent short sales from Fannie & Freddie and possible REOs later on.  Anyone familiar with him or the company? Presumably it's been functioning in the northeast since January.

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No, I haven't heard of them. Is their website

yep.  they held a webinar today and apparently have been in business since January on the  east coast.

Have they changed their business model? If I remember correctly, several years ago it was $25 to visit a home at least 3 times to talk to the homeowner, and then $50 if you actually talked to them.

Sarah,  he is not duplicating the Titanium model, thank goodness. The intent is as another one of those lead-providing sites with all of the usual education, information, blah blah. The only reason it interests me is the claim that he has Fannie and Freddie on board to funnel short sales.  I probably should check Poncie - he is pretty reliable with his assessments and information.

Why would Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac use this company for "Short Sales"? You would do better looking for Lis Pendens filed in the County Clerks Office and contact the owner's directly! You can send me a check for $90. for that information.

:)  it's in the mail...oh wait, I put a 25-cent stamp on it - let me know if you don't receive it by next year...

Postage Due??.....but I have to pay USPS a management fee of $400 per year to receive my mail :)

LOL....good one

I worked for Titanium and i was contacted by Dave Sahlin too.  I am not comfortable paying any fee.  Is this a new Scam?

Some of the fees is like $8-$12 a pop. Do 10 to break it even. Gas and time is free.... Nice try,

I would not recommend biting off on this. First he is just a hrc just like all of us were for titanium, he somehow was able to gain access to the data base of all previous hrcs, the video done by milessa his assistant has little or no substance to it, if you look at the agent's site you will see some things that isn't even up to date and well mediocre to say the least, and if I were representing fannie mae and Freddie mac I would be looking for techie and over the top customer service, I know people that have signed up for this with zero results over a 3 month period of time. Even though its only 90 dollars, it proves the point once again, we agents just throw money at something in hopes of the pasta will stick to the wall. Do your research, I did. I'm just saying.

I was contacted by them as well as a former Titanium HRC, but, I have not paid or signed up with them. I am tired of giving my money away to grow someone else's pocket.


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