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Horizon Solutions: looking for former Titanium Solutions HRCs

I've been contacted by Dave Sahlin with HorizonSolutionsOnline. He was and is looking for former Titanium Solutions HRCs to join this site for $90 to get direct-to-agent short sales from Fannie & Freddie and possible REOs later on.  Anyone familiar with him or the company? Presumably it's been functioning in the northeast since January.

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I was an HRC for Titanium and I was "invited" to join as well.  Titanium was a big waste of everyone's time. Simply put "a federal initiative to save face."  I think out of a couple hundred assignments I did, one or maybe two were successful. And who knows where they are today?  The big boys have no intention of doing short sales any longer. It is a mechanism to gauge delinquencies. The  amount of  money they are talking about is a joke and paying an up front fee is a bigger joke these days. I guess someone has to carry out the initiative for the feds, let someone else deal with them and pay them.  Until they pay me, I'm out!

Titanium was doing their thing long before the feds got involved.  I think the company was sincerely trying to get borrowers to modify their loans but I also sincerely advised several borrowers that the mostly Countrywide offers were garbage and not to accept them.      

Are there any companies out there doing honest business


They contacted me too but I am not willing to pay them.  I would like to talk to someone who paid for this service.  The fee is non-refundable. 

I signed up with them in May of this year, 2014. I have yet to see any leads and very little communication at all to be honest. All I get is more marketing emails asking former HRC's to sign up w/ the new company. 

I decided to listen to a recent webinar. It was the same thing as when I signed up 7 months ago. Here are their vague promises. I never should have signed up with them. Everything hinges on their 'new website' that still has yet to launch. The current website looks like it's from the 90's.

-We are partnering w/ non-profit groups.
-We've spoken with a lot of attorney's across the country.
-Will be coming up with a new website that will bring in leads.
-We are doing home owner workshops throughout the country.
-Nevermind, we are no longer doing workshops, but we can give you paperwork to do your own! Powerpoint presentation, marketing. list of distressed home owners.
-Developing national marketing campaign. "Very big marketing campaign coming right after the website is up and running"
-A program in development with 'several servicers'. "They will come to Horizon's site and search via zip code"
-Talking with HUD, very early stages. Expect to see it in a couple of months.
-Offer short sale processing for agents.

Michael, I hesitated for months after receiving similar "former HRC" emails promising this and that. I eventually caved in and then they disappeared soon as they got my money. I requested a refund and they never responded to any emails. I filed a complaint to the BBB, which said they couldn't reach them and that they never responded, so BBB closed the complaint. I also contacted my bank and filed a dispute and received a provisional refund, which becomes permanent within 45 days if they can't reach these crooks either. I also complained to PayPal, which is who they used to steal our money, and PayPal can't reach them either. So I'd advise to try with your bank and perhaps they will refund you like mine has done. And you're right, the website is outdated and pathetic. I should've listened to my intuition. He basically stole Titanium's list.

I would not do this at all. The claim regarding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is false. You must be specially certified by both as does the brokerage. The process is long including specific background checks. There is a limited number of agents allowed per territory. It took us 6 months to be trained and chosen.

Sounds like the typical BS, save your money and work for your listings. Freddie and Fannie usually will not get involved until after they foreclose and take back from the servicer.

Hi everybody!

I did sign up with them as soon as I was approached. There was a brief training session and since then, I have not heard from them at all. 

Yup, following the same general sense of the comment threads - I too was contacted. Thought it was a money loser while doing it (very briefly) with Titanium, not gonna' get taken again. I'm choosing to ignore! Think we all should!

no no no I was paid the fee and until now I not getting anything for them , I try to contact them and I get not answer


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