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Horizon Solutions: looking for former Titanium Solutions HRCs

I've been contacted by Dave Sahlin with HorizonSolutionsOnline. He was and is looking for former Titanium Solutions HRCs to join this site for $90 to get direct-to-agent short sales from Fannie & Freddie and possible REOs later on.  Anyone familiar with him or the company? Presumably it's been functioning in the northeast since January.

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FOLKS, I WAS FORTUNATE ENOUGH to get my money refunded since I cancelled within a week of receiving the March 2014 offer, back when they were just getting started.  In late October of this year I looked up additional information on Dave Sahlin as well as Horizon Solutions.  David apparently no longer licenses with Weichert: I looked him up on the Connecticut licensing website and his license is now with P & L REALTY ASSOCIATES LLC. Apparently he is the former owner of Horizon Painting and Remodeling at the same 79 Northrop Rd address that is his home.  Melissa Andersen, that sends the emails, was a Titanium supervisor in Salt Lake City and Oh, also the only Horizon Solutions LLC is an electrical supply company in New York: you will note that the emails are with HorizonSolutions L.L.C. - limited liability companies do NOT include periods - is this an attempt to skirt the trademark infringement law?  Anyway,this is just one more painful, costly lesson to us all....

Folks, Horizon Solutions is still soliciting, now touting their "National Workshop Campaign" and the bargain price of $89.99 - -Caveat emptor.

i paid the money already 3 weeks ago, and that was it, no more contacts, they do not answer back emails or phone calls

I fail for Horizon Solutions scam early last year; "attended" their webinar, promptly paid them the $99 they were charging then, and have heard nothing more from them since!   A few months later, I emailed both Dave and his assistant inquiring about the status of their program, to date neither of them have responded.  Don't get taken like I did.


Reggie (313) 516-8822

I chose to be one of their professional real estate agents in October 2014, and paid the fee, but haven't heard from anyone since. I started with Titanium Solutions in 2004 and worked with Dave, so I thought this would be a legitimate source for leads. I find it unusual that I haven't received any communication or responses to my emails as to what the status was of his program. I sent another follow-up email this morning, so we'll see what happens.

Yep same experience

I have worked with him when he was with Titanium. I paid  my $90.00  and keep getting emails  and no activity what so ever .   

I signed up and never heard another word, no follow up, nothing

Hi all,

Titanium was a very good idea, but they never compensated well, they too charged a lot, And none of those things work, I also paid Horizon, and nothing happened, it has been several months. Its time we move on and stop paying for all those cyber scum landlords. We can do our own marketing. That is what we need to do. In our RE/MAX Back office, you can send free flyers by e mail and so many other free tools. We work extra hard and we should bond together to stop people from draining our funds for their gain. 

Signed up this time last year and received nothing but promises.  He was setting up a website and working directly with Freddie/Fannie and nothing has come of it.  I personally emailed him at the end of the year to get an update and no response

I did work with titanium and have been receiving invitations from the new company. Thank you for taking time to post the no response/lost money posts. It just saved me $90. I appreciate it.

Are they STILL soliciting agents?


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