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How long does it take you to do a really good BPO?

This is not a discussion of fees. Please do not include fees in this discussion. I heard an REO broker that does a lot of REO listings and does BPOs as required to support that business brag that she can pull comps in 5 minutes. Sure, I can do that, but are they good comps? Are they the BEST comps?

Are they worth anything if not the best comps? Now maybe I'm too slow but I can spend hours doing the best BPO I can. I take pride in my work. Without that I would not do any BPOs.

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Turbo BPO iForm Speed Run: 7 Minutes & 38 Seconds

(Now available for Solo Agent use)



John Gattinger

Looks really fast. Anyone here using something like this? What is the quality of the result? How automated is it?

What is the cost vs time savings?


Yeah, our platform is pretty fast and compatible with any MLS that exports a CSV.  Upon free setup we optimize the MLS export to work with what's in our database to ensure all possible data available can transport out of your MLS.  This automation is also able to be customized.  You can create your own comments, adjustment amounts, and save in important items such as digital signature & disclaimer.  Assuming a $40 BPO, $1.50/order usage fee and you can achieve this level of automation with any form.  For complete automation, our iFill browser add-on is what transfers the data from iForm to Valuation Form.  It has an additional $1/order usage fee.  It comes out to roughly 6% for a realistic 40% time savings if using both.  Running data through the iForm adds an additional step to the BPO process but is necessary to maximize the quality of automation taking place, and this is where imacros falls short because it will never have the ability to manipulate data out of an MLS, only spit out what's extracted.  

iFill compatible with the following companies:


BPO Fulfillment

Clear Capital






Old Republic


Realty Pilot

Single Source

Solution Star

Specialized Asset Management

In a Tract with cookie cutter homes, plenty of sold and list comps, 25-30 minutes. In the more rural areas, which is where I usually work, it can take 1.5 to 2 hours if the job is really difficult. There are only so many comps on the MLS, even if I have to expand the parameters substantially, so finding the best comps shouldn't take more than 25-30 minutes for even the most difficult jobs. Making adjustments after you expand parameters is what takes the most time.

Now their is some one that knows what he is talking about. All the work is locating comps in rural areas, typing is the easy part, usually you make the proper adjustments when typing and writing this on your comp pages so you can refer back if need be, good job Mark

Rural properties are the most difficult and time consuming. Good comps harder to find. They don't pay more so I usually pass. Falling asleep at the computer increases the time also.

Hi, I do 5-10 bpo's per week on average and I figure 2 hours each.  Once in a while an easy form -1 hour.  I mostly do rural areas. 

I'm sure I could get them done in an hour if I didn't have facebook open, letting my 5 dogs out for potty breaks, as I do all of mine at home, ect.  I honestly love doing BPO''s and it's enjoyable to do other things at the same time. The most I have completed was 6 in one day, I took the pictures the day before. I'm happy if I get 2 done a day and don't mind doing them on weekends.

I have been doing BPO's for about 5 years and depending on the form because all the companies I work with have different forms. Pulling comps is the easiest part is just transferring the data copy and paste I have gotten the time down to about 45 minutes per order. I do all my data entry morning mid afternoon and take pictures later afternoon on a good day I can usually get 4-6 done per day. My suggestion on pulling comps I use the map portion of our MLS dot my subject property and use the circular range to a 1/2 mile so you don't get the order sent back for distance and stay within 200 sqft of the subject GLA and if a comp. is superior or inferior just adjust the comp negative or positive

Its all about the property. Depends on how much you want to put into a problematic one. I once took over a week because the home had been moved onto the lot 5 years ago but the property info showed it as a new home. It was a mostly rebuilt 40 year old home. Prior BPOs had not even looked into that tho it was obvious from the interior tile, etc. I had to go to the county records dept and make other phone calls to give an accurate BPO. It was even close to being worth the money but I took the job. If you dont want to do it well---dont take the order. In general, if you dont include drive time, about 40 mins.

I have a service that types in the information after I down load it. Normal 30 minutes to search the MLS, 10 minutes to down load to the form, 10 to 30 minutes for photos and drive by inspection. Then 10 to 30 minutes to finish the typing in the BPO form. About an hour to hour and a half for a simple local drive-by, if comps are a bear than it takes longer. Some BPO forms are a bear and eat my lunch manually inputting all the information, Finity, NVS and other multi page forms

I have thought about using one of those companies but some of my BPO providers don't pay enough for me to justify paying someone to just enter info


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