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Anyone can help with information on how to apply for VA listings?

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Thanks Justin! I appreciate all your information. Not only will it help me but others in the group. Thanks again and I wish you and the others who've been selected the best of luck.


Who is our local B of A loan rep supposed to contact to recommend me to them?????  None of mine seem to know who above them runs the show to get to the REO contact who then recommends me to get the invite and phone call? Who Who Who can my loan rep call? What is the phone number or email address please? Send to


I have applied online and uploaded docs to Equator, but I still wonder..... IF I was not actually "invited" by the email received from B of A, and phone interview, then would I actually be "found" on Equator if an Asset was assigned in my area?

Hello all,

Just curious if being a "veteran" actually helps with your application with BoA. I served and deployed twice on my full-time years in the Air Force. I am now in the Air National Guard continuing to serve our country (not even getting paid), I am sure  you guys watch the news...


I have been a member with Equator way before REO became a spindle. I have been with them since it was first launched; unfortunately, it feels like I just continue to donate every penny that I have ( if you know what I mean). I don't even get a BPO assignment through this flat form. Needless to say, I do have over 20 short sales initiated through equator, but I honestly say that I get more success from other outsource companies doing BPOs. I have at least 5 bpos a week without paying a dime for membership.


I wonder how some new agents get connected and get BoA on their accounts? In particular, I had a cross sale with this agent last year, and let me tell you, this agent didn't even know how to write the purchase contract. I had to walk him through it page by page. I mean, a simple contract, regarding inspections and credits; c'mon! I had to write the addendum for this agent. BUT NOW, he has BoA VA account! HOW? But HOW? I know this guy is frugal and I am sure he doesn't pay any memberships anywhere. Is it luck? Experience? And not so much.


I know someone who just transferred to BoA as a loan officer, and  I hope this is my welcome invitation considering i just sold his house. 


Jerry Filoteo

Designated Broker / Owner

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