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Anyone can help with information on how to apply for VA listings?

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All of our VA listings are through BOA.  At this time everything that we are listing through them is a VA repo.
Thank Cheri, I'm still waiting for my BofA approvl
Cheri, how many photos do you upload on initial service? What type of pictures? before and after? Thanks.

Justin I upload the pictures of each room to show them how the house looked when we first saw it.  Also, it there is any damage to the house I add them.  Usually they ask to have after pictures when the home is cleaned out.  Let me know if you have any other questions.

Vitaliy Good luck with your approval with them they are good to work with.
So far, 2 assets from B of A, they are all VA!  Bank of America West Coast REO Executive will be here in Seattle in May to host invitation only REO Q&A to ask questions and get feedback.  Did you get an invite? Hopefully with your application, you can join me at the event.  Good luck!

Hi Justin...can you advise where toapply for B of A?/

Thank YOU!!

I posted this originally under Bank of America REO but here it is again.   Good luck Rose!

Did you get any response from B of A yet on your application?
Still hoping for an approval in Chicago. I've even had my lender recommend me but that's been in the past 2 weeks.
Brent, emails I had with the BofA REO contact said that once each broker in your area gets 12 to 15 assets at any given time, it triggers them to contact agent on the wait list.  As long as you are on their wait list, they will send you an email to put in the application.  I was told no more than 15 per each agent and they will assign up to 15 mile radius.


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