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I have sign up with them for almost 2 years and I have not been able to get any orders, solicitation or anything from them.

They have this live chat , that doesn't help because I get the same answer .

"Our orders are based on our customer's needs and those needs do fluctuate geographically.  When we receive a solicitation from a customer we immediately send it out. These solicitations are sent out in timed increments to our most proximate, highest rated vendors. If that vendor doesn't respond within the allotted time period, another solicitation will be sent out to the next most proximate, highest rated vendor and so on."


If I have not done an order at all how come I will get rated, it doesn't make sense.

Also I have been sign up with their Clear Mobile, so I will get a text about an order, but no luck.

Do they broadcast any orders?

Any suggestions?


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Hi Monica --


Breaking into a new company is difficult, and everybody will offer advice on what works for them: some say to find a contact number for your asset manager at the company, others say not to pester them because you won't get anything.


One thing you CAN do is expand your list of available ZIP codes on the Clear Capital website - find as many as possible that you're willing to do work in. In Southern California, some agents list nearly 40 ZIP's sometimes.


Another thing you can try is automated order acceptance - my company makes a product that works well, at


Finally, let me urge you to register with a bunch of companies to get as many orders as possible:


Hi Tim:

Thanks for your answer , I did  the trial with the bpo-automation and I thought I got some orders ith Clear Capital but when I check the website were not there. Any suggestions?


Hey Monica - I do some business with Clear Capital but it isn't what I'd call regular.  What I've seen has always been on a broadcast.  Of course the problem with that is that agents who actually have work, may not be planted in front of their laptop waiting on the orders to come out.  I will tell you their platform is fairly easy to work with and they do pay fairly quickly.  I did see a note about expanding your zip codes...good advice as the more areas you can cover the better chance you have in getting some business.
Wow I never knew they broadcast, I always had the impression that they only assign directly to agents. I guess I will need to check their website to see if can finally find an order and grab it.
Have done one BPO for them and turned down two more due to conflicts. Payment was prompt. If you work at a large office you may want to use your home address instead of the office as they seem to only send an Email to one agent at each office signed up.

My experience with has been good.  I first signed up back in 2009 and got a few orders here and a few there but nothing much.  Then I went almost four years with almost nothing from them.  In the last two years they have become one of the top five companies for me by volume.  The business is very up and down like that but at any given time most orders are coming through around five companies.  If you are not getting clear capital orders right now you should call them again because they are big right now.

I love Clear Capital and they pay QUICKLY.

I don't remember much about the BPO side as I could either BPOs or Appraisals but not both... and I chose to grown my appraisal business.

You may want to consider expanding your area if you can. Other than that... it's kind of a crap shoot with 'em as far as volume goes. Good luck!

I've completed many BPOs for this company. They pay faster than any other company I've worked for... around the 1st and the 15th which is FANTASTIC. I won't do a BPO for under $100 and lately they've had someone accepting the assignments for $50.

I am one of Clear Capitals preferred commercial agent valuators in the PDX metro region.  I have gotten many single family orders sent to me to accept but the orders seem to be out a good distance from where I am located and for $50 not worth my time.  I agree with Tim.  Hard to break into a company with many agents including myself doing bpo's for many years previous to the recession. 

Has anyone ever worked with a company out of NY called SmartVal for BPO's

You have a greater chance of winning the lottery than getting an order from them. I was signed up with them for 8 years and back in 2010 they created the CME (Certified Marketing Expert) program and wiped out top agents to agents who would cater to a big client they acquired. I lost between $3000-4000 a month and almost rendered me broke. I sent several emails, spoke to managers and they all said the same thing, its business. So good luck! As I've always said...."You are only as good as your last BPO.

I wonder if they are just thin on orders in areas- I can get one a month or 10- don't know what makes the difference. The thing that makes me the maddest though, they don't think a thing about asking met to do one 50 miles out in the country, but seldom send one from the Oklahoma City metro which starts 12 miles from me. I just charge them all I can for those rural ones and lucky that MLS covers most areas I do with a recent merger.


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