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I have sign up with them for almost 2 years and I have not been able to get any orders, solicitation or anything from them.

They have this live chat , that doesn't help because I get the same answer .

"Our orders are based on our customer's needs and those needs do fluctuate geographically.  When we receive a solicitation from a customer we immediately send it out. These solicitations are sent out in timed increments to our most proximate, highest rated vendors. If that vendor doesn't respond within the allotted time period, another solicitation will be sent out to the next most proximate, highest rated vendor and so on."


If I have not done an order at all how come I will get rated, it doesn't make sense.

Also I have been sign up with their Clear Mobile, so I will get a text about an order, but no luck.

Do they broadcast any orders?

Any suggestions?


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I've done a few orders from them last year in 2015, and had not received any more since then. Here in Sacramento CA, the foresclosure market is so thin and I think that's why. I am not sure about your area......

They pay better and form is easy to work with.  If I have a QA request I can reach someone resolve it over the phone and it gets approved instantly. They are more professional.  They text you and eMail you can accept on your phone. But if you leave it in the queue it is gone./p>

I did not have much luck first few years like you. Last three years I get may be a few a months. Turn around time and score matters with them.

Perhaps you can apply it again see if they need help.


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