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How to get Freddie Mac Reo Listing - Has Everyone Seen This Link?

I just came across this discussion that was posted on LinkedIn.  I thought I would pass it along to those who are interested. If you have trouble accessing the link, please let me know.

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I was unable to access the link because I am not a member of this group on LinkedIn.
HI Shawneequa
Here is the name of the group

Asset Manager and REO Real Estate Agent Connect
Here is the name of the group-

Asset Manager and REO Real Estate Agent Connect
It's the same application that can be found at
Thanks Crystal!


I was just interviewed by FreddieMac today and I hope I have a chance to provide them with REO listing services.  It would be a wonderful opportunity if Freddie Mac selects my company as vendor.  It is very difficult for a small company to compete against larger companies.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Hello Yolanda,


Did you get selected as a Freddie Mac Listing Agent?


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