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How to get LOTS of Listing Assignments/Referrals from us!

Looking for short sale listing referrals??  You came to the right place! At the Short Sale Specialist Network we work with thousands of homeowners across the country every month who are looking for a good agent to help with the short sale of their property.

Looking for LOTS of short sale referrals?? Here is how to get lots of referrals from the Short Sale Specialist Network AND other agents on;!!

1.) Participate!  Agents on in every corner of the country are constantly referring clients to other agents in all areas of the country.  The best way to get them to send YOU referrals is to be active and get noticed through participatons in discussions, blogs and groups on our agents site!!  You can do this for FREE!!

2.) Join our preferred partner program!  While other agents in our network refer to each other all the time, WE only refer to our preferred partner members. Our company makes almost all of our money off referral fees at closing.  Period.  We have agents closing 2-4 deals per month consistently in most areas of the country, so the annual membership fee is just a drop in the bucket to help set up your file and pay for annual maintenance on our preferred partner members only site.

3.) Participate again!  Getting noticed on this website by us, especially if you are new in the referral network certainly helps.  Since we launched our agents site in January, we have added many great new agents to our team who have been involved in the discussions, forum and blogs!  Many of these new agents are already closing transactions, ask around!!!

4.) Keep in touch!  Once we start sending you referrals, you MUST follow up with us when we send our monthly progress requests and quarterly audits!  This is extremely important! We function like an asset management company in this sense!  If you are a member and are no longer getting referrals from us, THIS is likely the reason why!  When we send you referrals, send the signed referral agreements back immediately and get in touch with the clients to list their property immediately as well! 

5.) Stay on our good side!  When you are talking to April, JP, Andrew or anyone from our company, make sure you treat them well.  THEY determine who gets referrals/listing assignments when new ones are sent out, and DO show favoritism to good agents or agents they like very often!  Little things like promptly sending checks and HUDS when you have closings, promptly updating us or anything to let us know you are on top of things will go a very long way with us!!

CLICK HERE to view areas where Preferred Partner Membership is currently filled up!

Mike Linkenauger

Mike Linkenauger

Network Main Logo
"Preventing Foreclosures
One Home at a Time"


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Hi Mike,

Thank you for all the great infomation. I am in Denver, CO and this area has been closed. Any idea on my chances of getting on the list in the near future?

Just got another referral after 2 weeks being signed up. thanks again
Love the good feedback! Keep it coming!
Signed up 25TH of June, just received
my first referral, 10 days latter... SSN
Rocks! Thanks guys !
We're the real deal. Glad to hear you guys are happy with us so far! Good agents will ALL get listing assignments from us on a regular basis.
The sellers I have meet so far have been pleased and seem to be real and not just meeting realtors, nice to walk into a listing paper and walk out with a signature. They are all just ready to sign...
Thats how we try to set it up, as we get paid ONLY when YOU close!! Thats also why we have these resources and training also! My personal experience with short sales is that the borrowers don't want or need a sales pitch. The only want comfort in knowing that not only you CAN help them out of a difficult situation but you are experienced, capable, and willing. They are ready to sign on the dotted line of you are confident in your ability. Glad you have been successful with our referrals Robert! Keep up the good work and we'll keep 'em coming!


I have signed up with them today as a memeber only. They are not taking any more application for the prefered memebers agents in my area( Virginia). But I am on the waiting list now. I look forward to working with them after reading all of the good stuff about this company.


call me as i am part of,,, and am

and have a few potenical joint venture ideas for you!


cell- 305 794-0241

Grateful for all of the excellent agents who have joined us from REO Pro!  Keep up the great work!


I still did not get any listing from you company . I have paid $100 or $199 back in Jan.


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