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Does anyone know if HSBC uses and outsourcer or do they assign their own listings.  If outsoucer do you know who and if assigned direct do you know where that person works from.  I see a fair amount of their business in my market but I've been unable to find the source.  Thanks Guys.

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They outsource some of their business, and they do assign some of the business themselves.  I am one of their agents here in Northern California.  Where are you?
Thanks Julie.  I'm in Central Virginia.  We aren't competitive at all.

Hi Julie, I would like that info as well, will be hapy to share other AMs with you.

I'm in WA state.

Hello Julie, I am in Orange County Ca. and would like to find out how to register with them. Thanks Herb Vinegar

Hello Julie,

I'm in southern WI.  Can you supply me their contact information as well.  Thank you!


Hello Julie, I am in Baton Rouge, LA and we are definitely not in competition.  Could you also e-mail me this information.

Hello Julie,


I like everyone else is trying to break into HSBC I have been selling REO;s for the last 7 years without success would love any contact information you can provide.  Currently licensed in Kansas and Missouri and AZ next month.





I am in sacramento and would love any information you have to share about HSBC.  I currently work for Bank of America.  Let me know if there is anythign that I can share with you.



Hi Julie,

Will you please send me the information for HSBC  I am in Missouri.


Hello Julie we are not in competing markets - I would love to have their info if you would not mind providing me a contact.  I have several banks as well BOA, Coldwell Banker, First National to name few and would not mind trading info with you to help you as well.  Please call me to discuss further if you are interested.



Lisa Farmer

REMAX On Track
Licensed in Tn, Ms and Fl

901-219-4975 cell

Hi Julie,

I am a realtor in Fl, Broward county. I would like that info as well, will be hapy to share other AMs with you  Thanks

Julie, I am on the East Coast from you, no way I can compete with you. Can you forwad me the link please. I am searching for this link since 2007.


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