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Does anyone know if HSBC uses and outsourcer or do they assign their own listings.  If outsoucer do you know who and if assigned direct do you know where that person works from.  I see a fair amount of their business in my market but I've been unable to find the source.  Thanks Guys.

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WOW!! If this has happened to HSBC, who will be next?
Could be ANY or ALL of the banks that used MERS. That's about 60% of ALL US Mortgages. The courts in some states have already halted all cases coming from MERS.

Hi Julie,

Glad to hear you are feeling better. I would greatly appreciate any information that you can share on HSBC's REO assignment. My email is

Thank you!

You mentioned that you would like to speak with me. I am sorry for delay, you never mentioned the subject. My direct email is
Ok everyone, I think I sent it out to everyone who supplied their email.  If I missed you, let me know!  By the way, even though HSBC has had their foreclosures halted, they still have alot of "shadow" inventory like all the rest of the lenders!
Good AM Julise.  I have received the information.  Again thank you. 
Can you please send me the info as well. My email is Thanks!
You have been bombarded, LOL! How about one more person asking for the referral info...please send me what you have for HSBC, they wrote a lot of loans in my area: Las Vegas, NV, the epicenter of the real estate collapse...thanks.

Hi Julie,


I would appreciate it if you could share any information for the HSBC REO contact. My email is In what market are you located in Northern California??



I know that I am late but can you send that information to me as well? I am in with pretty much everyone except BOA (Pending Interview as we speak and Sun Trust) Have all 3 HUD accounts and etc. (Please don't email me a lot of things Brokers. I always post information on all blogs but never is it reciprocated. My word I'll send you what I have) Any who thanks ahead of time and I hope that you get better soon. This blog/opportunity definitely will change some one's life.

Marqueze - I do have Bank of America - if you have any info for me on the 3 hud companies, chase or Wells Fargo - I will be more than happy to assist you with info since we are not in competing market areas.


Hello Julie I would really appreciate it you don't mind sending me the info too for HSBC.  I work with several banks too  i.e. Bank of America, Coldwell Banker, First National, Ocwen etc - I don't mind trading info neither.  Also glad to hear that you are better - I understand from reading that you have been sick.  I look forward to hearing from  you soon.



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