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Has anyone else heard anything about the HUD 3.8 awards.  I received an email yesterday from Debbie Caruso stating we can join her group and will be the first to know who has been awarded.  This is after the protests.  I am just wondering if anyone else had heard anything.  I think Debbie wants you to join her group, for $25.  Not sure I agree with this, after most of us paid her already.  Anyone have any news?  Thanks much.

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What did you pay her for? 

I had heard Sage Acquisitions was awarded Tennessee but when I go to their site, they only note Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, Puerto Rico, Colorado, New Mexico, N. Texas, Utah, Ohio, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

I thought Ofori & Associates was awarded TN...?

TN is still being contested 

I received that same message last week. Just this morning I received another message from her offering assistance with preparing my proposal - if I paid her $500. Today's message from Caruso states that HUD's final decision will be made by the end of this month. Not sure where she's getting that info.

I paid $100 to her for her 'Intro into HUD REO' and a promise of the names of the new contracts.

I have never received the name of the new contract companies and I also received the request to send more money to be a part of something new she is doing....obviously I did not pay any attention to it before I deleted it.

I think you can just go to and see who gets the awards

Any company that sent you email and charges money for information most likely are fraud.

Is anybody willing to share a sample HUD proposal. I attended one of the HUD classes she had for $95 dollars and it was a waste of time. I agree if you pay and get nothing in return why bother asking for more money. 

Alex, what is your email address?  I can send you a sample that I used.


Its thank you

I will send this once I am back at my work computer. I can also send you some information for PEMCO.


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