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Has anyone else heard anything about the HUD 3.8 awards.  I received an email yesterday from Debbie Caruso stating we can join her group and will be the first to know who has been awarded.  This is after the protests.  I am just wondering if anyone else had heard anything.  I think Debbie wants you to join her group, for $25.  Not sure I agree with this, after most of us paid her already.  Anyone have any news?  Thanks much.

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Hi Lucie, can you also send me your template?  My email address is  Thank you very much.

Can you send me a sample HUD proposal and a PEMCO proposal as well?  I'm in NC, Raleigh area. I would love to get into the HUD market.   Thank you!

Thanks for sharing, Alex.  I am glad to see I was not the only one who felt that way.

Lucie. Can you forward me a copy and contacts also. Been a HUD HOMETELOS listing Agent for almos 4 years

I am in Georgia and HUD has already pulled listings from Ofori and giving them to Pemco and Hometelos.  From what I hear, they will next narrow it down to one of the remaining two, then all will go to Sage.  As to paying $500.00 to do a package, that is an individual choice.  I've been a listing broker for Hometelos and Ofori and did the package myself.

Hello Jim, I am in Maryland.  How do you get in touch with these companies?  Please email me at  Thanks for sharing.

You can find your state on the hud site and see who the company is  They were posted on here a while back

Who is Debbie Caruso?

Hi Lucie, Can you send me a copy as well at  Thank you  

You can find out who was awarded your state on the HUD website.

I've been a HUD listing agent for years. When I prepared my first proposal, I attended a workshop that was held in DC for instructing the BLBs how to prepare their proposals to submit to HUD. I figured that would be the best way to catch their attention - show it to them the exact way HUD required them to present their qualifications. It got me in the door. I paid for the cost of the trip to DC; not a membership to someone's website.

Debra, Do you know if the workshops are still active?  ThankYou


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