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Has anyone else heard anything about the HUD 3.8 awards.  I received an email yesterday from Debbie Caruso stating we can join her group and will be the first to know who has been awarded.  This is after the protests.  I am just wondering if anyone else had heard anything.  I think Debbie wants you to join her group, for $25.  Not sure I agree with this, after most of us paid her already.  Anyone have any news?  Thanks much.

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Hello Gene:

Are you inclined to exchange or share your proposal with mine? I want to be sure mine is all inclusive. I will appreciate the courtesy!


Will someone please send me a copy of the sample hud proposal?


I agree. We have already paid her.

Does the managing broker apply or the individual agent?

Whoever is applying to be a HUD listing agent, if it is you as the agent then you are applying.

I don't think Lucy is going to be sending any of us a copy of her proposal as I have requested one like 3 weeks ago and have yet to hear from her.

Can anyone tell me how I can find one to fill out as I don't know as to how to prepare one but I'm willing to learn as long as I have the documents I need to fill out.

Also I heard that Alpine, First Preston, and JV 1 got Illinois but I cant find the websites for any of those companies.

Would appreciate it if someone can post those websites and or email them to me.

Thank you in advance.


Do you have the websites for Alpine, First Preston, and JV 1 as I want to sign up for them if they received Illinois.

Regarding the mysterious "proposal", there is no template or guideline that I was given, and what I did is probably not going to work for anyone else however, I can tell you what I did - it was on the fly and sort of came to me as I was doing it .  I called Sage and asked what they were looking for in the proposal and was told "write up why we should hire you".  I took my resume and expanded it to more of a narrative, from "the early years" to today, mentioning the old days of fax orders, mailing BPO's with color pictures, etc..  In addition to 25 years in real estate (18 REO), I was an asset manager/agent for two years, and ran a family business, so I was able to incorporate that business experience in the narrative..  I referenced my current clientele, and how long I have worked with them.  Our MLS allows us to print a report of all our sales activity, so I printed out the last 15 years- as far back as I could- and added those pages to the end of the proposal.  I kept it very readable and about 1.5 pages, using lots of white space, and a very readable font, and attached the sales report to the end.  Hope that helps!

That's very helpful advice Karl. Thank you.

I stopped following this discussion some time ago due to the volume of emails I received causing clutter to my inbox. I am relatively new to this site and did not realize the response I would receive by offering to help a fellow Realtor. I did send the proposal template to some of the first responses I received, but unfortunately, I don't have the time allotment needed to send the proposal to all those that responded. I apologize that I cannot help everyone, but that is a time commitment that I just don't have at the moment.

What I sent them was just a template with my verbiage and creative formatting removed. I provided a starting point for title topics to touch on including a table of contents and an explanation of what each section should contain. These are not difficult considering they are just a description of your own operations and that is something you should be very knowledgeable on. I did not send out the actual proposal I completed. I am a salaried employee and a licensed broker and I am bound by an employee contract, so it's not like you could just remove my name and company and insert your own.

I think Karl Kutzner gave great ideas on what you can do and like Karl, I was never provided with a template or sample of any sort. The proposal is about you and what you bring to the table, so it is really not difficult to put together. You should give information on what separates you and your operations from other brokers. For example, my employment history has been in financial services, specifically with hedge funds and private equity and I am also technologically advanced in comparison to the average broker because I am fluent in 6 programming languages. I am also trilingual and taking private lessons to learn 2 additional languages. I explained that and how each of those gave me an advantage that would work to their benefit to service the HUD mission. I also explained my systems and setup so they would understand what service is provided to them and how that differs from other Realtors. My proposal was 15 pages but that is because I broke it down into sections for presentation purposes and included a cover page and table of contents.

Maybe you should simply charge everyone  $500 to get people to stop asking you to share your hard work.  I give you a thumbs up!

My proposal was 20 pages.


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