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HUD is expected to award the REO Asset Management Contracts

I just heard HUD is expected to award REO Asset Managment Contracts in 17 states.

Does anyone know what 17 states are being targeted?

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Dave ...

I was a Local Listing Broker for BLB Resources during the period 2010 - 2014.  There was only one instance where I was aware they had two brokers from the same company.  It was a small brokerage and the two attended the same interview meeting I attended that was held BLB in preparation for assigning the HUD homes.  Once the BLB contract expired and was picked up by Matt Martin, I believe assignments were then made to only one broker. 

I felt very fortunate in that I was the only listing broker for the town where my office was located; however, after a couple of years I was getting threats from the BLB it would start splitting listing assignments with another local broker if I didn't decrease my days on market and spend more money on marketing.  You could never spend too much money according to them. They ultimately started splitting the assignments albeit I was selling them almost as fast as bid deadlines happened.  I believe BLB just got pressure from other agents wondering why the other towns and cities had multiple LLB's and I was the exclusive one for my town.  

Thanks for the response and info; are you located in Michigan?  Do you know who currently has the contract in MI?


1P (2 AWARDS) BLB Rod Gaston 5001 Birch Street                             Newport Beach, CA  92660 949-261-9155 949-261-5495
MI CITYSIDE Sue Murtagh 22 Greeley Street, Ste 5        Merrimack, NH  03054 603-423-0313 215-861-7192
THESE are about to be REPLACED!       

Did Sage get the Michigan account?

Those are the current contractors NOT the new ones they are about to announce!

Nothing has been announced, no discussions, not even a rumor.  All we know is what Jesse reported before.

So yes, the new AM's have not been announced so you have not missed the opportunity to submit a proposal to be a listing agent.  However the current contracts are due to expire on 9/30 so I think it will be before then (but you never know).

About more than 1 agent in the office, you might want to discuss that with your broker.  The rules for the listing agents have changed a lot this time (3.7).  I am still giving my prep class for 3.7, please reach out to Jesse if you want another offering for REOPro agents, and we can arrange for one.

Abundant blessings!

Ok thanks, I will check back in a few weeks and follow up with Jesse to see if he wants to do another REOPro agent HUD webinar because I really want to be a local listing broker for them (and Fannie / Freddie too but I am not the broker / owner)

You don't have to be the broker to apply for Freddie or Fannie anymore either!  Fannie is  hiring now!  And Freddie advertises every 2 weeks the counties that they need agents in!

I think Jesse is going to set a date for another HUD training class.  Keep your eyes open for the details!  Abundant blessings!

Thanks, maybe he should also do ones for Fannie and Freddie to get setup with them!  I just checked Freddie and they don't have any available in my area right now.  Where should I go to get setup with Fannie?

You are the best and I am really appreciate of your help!  Have a great afternoon and rest of the summer!

There is a package to download, I will look for it, but go to their website and it will tell you to sign up on their portal.  Let me know if you cant find it.........having a Senior moment!  LOL

Procure one is the website for Fannie,


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