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HUD is expected to award the REO Asset Management Contracts

I just heard HUD is expected to award REO Asset Managment Contracts in 17 states.

Does anyone know what 17 states are being targeted?

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Jesse - do you know if they won the account for Michigan?

Does anyone have a complete list of HUD 3.7 awards?  

North Texas went to Sage/PEMCO  It was posted this morning I think.

But it was announced by PEMCO yesterday afternoon.

EVERYONE google  FEDBIZOPPS  go to the official site, near the top there will be a box that says AGENCY

in that box write Department of Housing and Urban Development  and hit the search key!  All of the awards that say HUD 3.7 are the awards and who got those awards.  There should be 12, and it will have the contact info of the winner.

Thank you for the direction Deborah.... Can the same AM be awarded the same area? I am in NJ (3p) . There were two AMs before. Is it one to AM now?

There is just 1 contractor per area.  All contracts have been awarded.  And from the chatter, all of the areas are going to be protested.

Where do you get your chatter?  People you know and/or from website blogs?

People I know

Are protests a formal process? Do they delay the start of the contracts?

I just got back this email from a contact I have at BLB Resources which was awarded the HUD Asset Management contract for Michigan:

The new contract has still not been announced. They did extend our current contract through 12/31/15, but we are not accepting any new LLBs until the announcement is been made…and then based on what the announcement is.  Please keep in mind that BLB Resources will only select one LLB from any given office.


P.S. Additionally Important Information Below:

BLB Resources Training Calendar (All Events)-

I want to make sure i haven't missed it. Has the award for MD/DC been awarded yet?

yes all the awards have been made, Sage got MD/DC

thank you deborah. I sent you a email a few minutes ago. did you receive?


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