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HUD is expected to award the REO Asset Management Contracts

I just heard HUD is expected to award REO Asset Managment Contracts in 17 states.

Does anyone know what 17 states are being targeted?

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Am i correct in seeing that Matt Martin was awarded 2D area solely?  I am in Missouri and everything I have seen Missouri is not one of the listed states under the area 2D.  We are currently LLB's for PEMCO. 

It looks like Matt Martin did get 2D but Missouri is not listed as one of the states.  An error I presume.

Thank you.  I assume an error too. Since these new assets were awarded now and Matt Martin is now solely 2d area, will they open up for new LLB's to apply in this area. We are currently LLB"s for PEMCO and have been for the last 3 years.  I am new to all of this since that this is my first year going through a change in the asset managers.  We have tried for the last 3 years to secure another HUD contract with the other asset managers. Any tips you can provide or willing to share with me.  I am looking to grown and REO/HUD department for my broker.  

Missouri is in contract area 2D, and each contract area only has 1 AM Contractor.

MMREM is the sole AM Contractor for 2D.

If you refer to the map I gave out in my class it shows which states are in which contract areas.  The reason I gave out the map is because this always happens........when the awards are posted some of the states get left out in error.  If you use the map you see which contract area your state is in, and when HUD awards, they award by contract area.

Attached is a the map


Anyone know what asset company got Illinois.

IEI Citiside. 

were did you get this info Deborah. I would like to sign up with them and cant seem to find them.

I seen on here yesterday to google FEDBIZOPPS and go to their website, click on agencies tab and click on department of urban and housing development
3.7 Asset Manager (AM)
Solicitation Number: DU204SA-13-R-0005-AM
Agency: Department of Housing and Urban Development
Office: Atlanta Operations Branch
Location: Atlanta Operations Branch, NFSA

Notice Type:
Award Notice
Posted Date:
September 28, 2015
Response Date:
Archiving Policy:
Automatic, 15 days after award date
Archive Date:
October 25, 2015
Original Set Aside:
Set Aside:
Classification Code:
R -- Professional, administrative, and management support services
531 -- Real Estate/531210 -- Offices of Real Estate Agents and Brokers

September 25, 2015
$32,343,703.90 Estimated value
0001 thorugh 0006
IEI-Cityside, JV
6755 Business Suite 405
Elkridge, Maryland 21075
United States
Added: Sep 28, 2015 3:31 pm
Area 3A (Illinois) - Estimated Value - $32,343,703.90.  Contract ceiling value $150,905,201.
40 Marietta Street
14th Floor
Atlanta, Georgia 30303-2806 
Flora Marie Myers,
Contract Specialist
Phone: 6787322903
Melisa M. Barbee,
Contracting Officer
Phone: 6787322230

Opportunity History

Debbie: do you have any suggestions as to how to get the proposal noticed at the M&M.  I have spent many days, even weeks putting together a proposal and I would like for someone to see it.  Thanks

HUD has made their awards.  Now the issue is: after we initiate the email to the M&M contact, will they respond?  I sent an email yesterday to the contact person - he was the only one listed in my area and I noticed other area's had more than one contact.  What is your next step if the contact does not respond to you?  Our area already has Pemco and one or two other M& it is Pemco/Sage.  Just needing some thoughts.  Thanks


Sending emails to the M&M contact normally doesn't get you far. Half the time they don't even respond. In order to register with the company, you need to complete their registration process. If you need help with this, Id be happy to help you out. Send me over an email

Pam:  I registered with Pemco a while back.  The winners are Sage, a joint venture with Pemco.  I have worked many days to put together a proposal and I would like for the M&M to see it.  I did send you an email but I am not sure that registering with Pemco is the answer.  The website states they do not need agents but register anyway.  Chances are they are going to keep the agents they have now.  This is very discouraging to me, if this is the case.  


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