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HUD is expected to award the REO Asset Management Contracts

I just heard HUD is expected to award REO Asset Managment Contracts in 17 states.

Does anyone know what 17 states are being targeted?

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Who won the contract for Michigan?

1P, 3P, 3A and 6A went to IEI/Citiside JV

5A went to KM Miniemier

2D went to MMREM

4P, 5P, 4A, 7A, 8A, 1D went to Sage             MAP of contract areas attached!


I tried to log into FEDBIZOPPS and could not find an AGENCY tab.  Can someone tell me who was awarded Michigan?

You can enter DU204SA-13-R-0005-AM in the solicitation box and that should show you the awards.


Can you post the link of where I can find the solicitation box so I can enter  DU204SA-13-R-0005-AM and see the awards.

Thank you in advance.

If you go to the website you will see the box in the yellow part of the screen.

They have already made most of the announcements. It was the majority of states except for the west coast. I understand that they are under protest though.

Has anyone sign up? I haven't see anything going with these new these AMs

 I haven't either.

So does anyone have info who got NY State and where to sign up?

IEI Citiside got NY.  To the best of my knowledge there has been no official announcement on where to sign up, REMEMBER there are 4 plus SBA protests and 8 protests at GAO with the date the agency has to respond by being Jan. of 2016!  So we most likely will be waiting for awhile.

This goes for all contract areas,  They are all under protest!


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