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HUD is expected to award the REO Asset Management Contracts

I just heard HUD is expected to award REO Asset Managment Contracts in 17 states.

Does anyone know what 17 states are being targeted?

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I thought so as well Cece...I am in North Texas and Sage is our AM.  Not sure there is but one.

Ohio is Sage as well but Ohio isn't even on the online list. 

that is correct CeCe it is an old list, actually it is a current list because we are still on the old contractors for AM(M&M3).  The AM 3.7 Awards are all under protest.  We won't have a new contractor until the protests are over.  At this point we do have awardee's, but we have to wait and see what happens with the protests to be certain.

The contract areas (there are 12 ) will each be awarded to 1 contractor, not necessarily the same contractor.  I hope that makes sense?  If not you can send me an email


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