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Becoming a HUD approved listing broker is no small feat. I've put together a list of the steps you'll want to take if you are interested in becoming HUD certified.


Step One: Read through this website:


Step Two: Then browse through here:


Step Three: Submit both of these items: SAMS 1111 Broker application and the SAMS 1111A Selling Broker Certification.


Step Four: After filling in the required applications you will receive a HUD-issued name and address identification number (NAID)


Step Five: Find the companies that have HUD contracts in your state and then sign up with each of the companies you want to provide your services for to list HUD homes. Check this out:



Sources: HUD

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Good info but to little to late...HUD has closed their doors to LLBs. This transition happened about 3 month ago. The next opening will be when someone either screws up or in 5 years when the contract is up. A for effort though....

Thanks for this, are you aware of Matt Martin broadcasting orders that may turn into HUD listings? We've got hundreds of agents scrambling to sign up that are already HUD certified so that they can get their chances at getting HUD listings and those that ask how to sign up. I guess I assumed that people could still apply with HUD because of companies still accepting new some of our clients got accepted a very short time ago into the HUD program. Do you think it would still be worth trying?
thank you for your effort in sharing this information, I'm in Wa state and not sure if something can be done to get in, I'll try this opportunity and want to thank you for help.
What would be the company to apply for WA state?
Vitaliy and others: To see which companies service HUD in your area check out this link, it has a map and a breakdown of the companies based on region:
Pemco just added a broker in my market. Its never too late to break into the game.
I thought Pemco ended adding brokers in June? Thats what they told me!

Check the link she provided:
Thanks very much for your input Chris!!
Thanks to Nicole and Chris ! appreciate your help.
What is every one doing to capture these listings!
If im not up 24/7 refreshing! i'll miss one!
Yea, doors closed (for now) anyway.
Well, I can say that Ofori and HomeTelos have kept me busy for the last month. They are a LOT of work and at times I wonder if it is worth it. The $20K assignments are just as much work as the $150K ones. So far my brokerage has about 100 assignments in the first 2 months and we were told that the flood gates were about to open.

We have also been told by all three mangement companies that they do not expect all of their LLB's will remain in the program as many are not capable or willing to fullfill the new requirements. So new Brokers may be added as it goes along. But I will tell people..... be careful of what you ask for!


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