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Hi if you are a HUD listing agent, I have created a group where we can discuss our issues and share strategies. it could be a place to vent, or to be creative and maybe a way for all of us to unite and go to the asset management companies with our concerns and suggestions.
The group is invite only because I am a little tire of the groups that keep asking how to get listings from this asset manager or the other. So please send me a message and become my friend here so I can invite you to the group.
For those who are not HUD listing agents and are interested go to and look for the asset management companies in your area, go to their websites and apply, some are close for now, but some are still looking and would put you in their waiting list and they might call you in the future. Remember seek and ye shall find.

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Hello Jose,
I'd appreciate an invitation to join the group.
Thank you. Isaac
I appreciate your invitation to join the group ~ it is an excellent place for us to bounce ideas off of one another ~ excellent idea!  I am ready to join!! Let me in your group....:)
I am interested in a invite


I just saw this old post.  I am a HUD listing agent for HomeTelos and would love to join your group.  I look forward to hearing from you


Jim Clauser

RE/MAX Associates, Athens, Inc

Athens, Ga  30606


I am a HUD listing agent and would like to join the group.  Friend request sent, thanks.
I am a HUD broker and would love to join the group
Hi - Please send me an invite too!  Thank You!
Hello Jose,
I'd appreciate an invitation to join
As always thank you very much!
Jose, Also would like to join the HUD group.  I am a HUD Broker.  Lee
Hi Jose--- I'm a hud listing agent.... would love an invite.... Thanks! Rose
hey send invite i am a hud listing agent thanks
Hi Everyone, please go into the group and request admission, if you let me know here that you are a HUD listing agent I will get you in the group.


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