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I received an email requesting a marketing package from Chronos Solutions.  Does anybody have anything they could share as far as formats and insight on what they are really looking for?

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Did they identify a property? Chronos deals heavily with federal forfeiture properties from USMS, DEA, etc. This request would typically be the start for you as agent to do all the usual tasks- occupancy check, valuation, etc.

formerly Matt Martin

Send me your email, I will send you what we use.  Something short and sweet with what you can do for them, your stats and zip code coverage
Hi Gregory everybody's asking Jennifer for a copy so I thought I wouldn't bother her and ask you if you can send me a copy would appreciate it very much thanks

Jennifer - I would love an idea for something 'short and sweet' to utilize as a template for for a HUD application.  I've worked with Matt Martin for years and most recently as Chronus - but when I went to look for some sample application packages they were simply overwhelming.  I'd appreciate it if you could share your template.  Pat Schlosser, Broker  Lighthsouse Realty of KC

Hello Pat:

Did you succeed in obtaining Jennifer Marketing Package? If you do can you share it with me? -


Hi Jennifer,

Would you share that information with me.   I would like something sweet and short to utilize for the HUD application.  I have been trying for years to become on of their listing brokers.  I received because I showed interest in becoming a HUD Local Listing Broker.  Need to submit a marketing package. 

Houston, TX     Fatima Karriem, Meirrak Realty, LLC


Jennifer, I would appreciate it if you share your template. My email is

Please share with me your short and sweet template.

Can I get a copy?? Would be awesome!!

Hi Jennifer, would it be possible to get a copy as well? Thank you in advance.


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