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I received an email requesting a marketing package from Chronos Solutions.  Does anybody have anything they could share as far as formats and insight on what they are really looking for?

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I would love any information you may have as well.   Thank You

You guys need to pay Debbie Caruos the $500 to help you with your HUD package.

Hi Cheryl, so did you get anything from Chronos or any HUD Asset listings based on the package that Debbie Caruos helped you with for $500?

Well, on my behalf...  I don't know if it's possible to apply...

Then, again, if I really knew what was needed. I might be able to do it myself...

That's why I wanted to see it... To see if I'm remotely talented enough to create one.


Hi Jennifer,

Would you share the info with me as well, please?


Would you be willing to share? My email is

Sent me what you use, thanks.

could you send me one also

Hi Jennifer 

Can you send me what you use for the HUD marketing as well.



I would love to see it also, please?

THANKS so much!


Hi Jennifer, please send me that packet as well. Thank you!


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