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I received an email requesting a marketing package from Chronos Solutions.  Does anybody have anything they could share as far as formats and insight on what they are really looking for?

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I would like a copy as well,

I would like a template too, and I would pay for it.

I recently lost 4 US bank listings to Chronos who gave them to the local HUD Broker for the past 25 years....After I did a difficult CFK on one, and was starting 2 more CFK, plus performed trashout services on 2 of them.....Hard to compete with that much experience but need to try

Can anyone let me know if you have to be a licensed broker or just a licensed agent to be able to be a HUD listing agent. Thanks.

ALL the information you use on the forms is your BROKER's INFO. then YOU are the representative/agent that manages the listings for your BROKER... it's the same way on Fannie Mae... I never tried for any others.

What really STINKS about Fannie is that there is only ONE BROKER number allowed.  So, whichever agent gets their application in first...THEY will be the only application in the system for that BROKER.

IF your application is accepted by Fannie... NO OTHER AGENT can sign up with Fannie under your Broker..

ONE BROKER # allowed.

I discovered I never had a chance... because our Broker had an Agent signed up and accepted 10 years before I ever tried.

(It's painful... lol... She gets HUNDREDs of listings every year. It requires an 10-man team to run her operation.)

One downside, (to a degree, I guess) is that she has to front between $40-50k in reimbursable costs. She has 2 clerks that run that part of the biz to be sure she gets reimbursed. She said she had to show proof of funds on the applications of $50k+.  

Please forward that to me please!

Does anyone have an email for their Vendor Management team?  I applied through their site but its a pretty basic form..

Need REO package from HUD for 2017

   Ken Bryan (Broker/Associate) 1 561 385 4790

or 1 561 742 7920


The LAs in my area that have been selected to list HUDs have to hold classes to all agents. Talk/market very positive things about HUD homes... I presume since they have a negative reputation. (most agents hate to do HUD homes and avoid them whenever possible) I'm the go-to Agent in my office when someone has a client with a HUD purchase. =)

If you want to email me I can pass you some emails from a couple of the HUD agents that they send local agents.

That should help?

OOOps... I just realized this was a older message...still email me if you like. =/

Hi, I know I'm late but I would really appreciate a copy of the template also if it;s still available.


I would like a copy of that information also if you can send it to me.



I would like a copy of that information also if you can send it to

Thank you!


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