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I will get back to you guys as soon as possible. I will also try to put together a list with contacts and email addresses. If you are really in it to help this economy I will definitely get back with you. If you are some slob trying to just get rich and stab people in the back then me, this forum or my conversation is not for you! I am so tired of Brokers stabbing each other in the back for business, that's bogus! Sorry but I had to get that out seeing what is going on at the 5star. Now back on course...Let me know if you want contacts ok. Cool

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Hi Marqueze,

I like your style, I am new to Reo-Pro, any help you can give is much appreciated. Good luck, I hope you get more business. If I can return the favor (contacts) in the near future I will.

Thank you,
Hello Marqueze,

Thank you in for sharing knowledge. Keep us posted. I am w/ Lou...will do the same.

Thank you.

I definately want updates since I wont be there this year. I believe you have my e-mail addy but just in case its

I agree the days of working for the benefit of yourself in a service industry such as real estate is for the birds and will only benefit a select few on a short-term basis. Have a great time.......oh if you want some insight on some good Texas eatin let me know - I know a few spots I can refer you to. Dallas is my hometown =)
 Couldn't make it this year..would appreciate updates. Email address is 

Thank you for the updates. Email to


Sounds great Marqueze. Could not make it this year! My email address is

Many thanks,

Joe Foley
Thanks! Have a great time there! I would be there but I am celebrating the birth of my first baby daughter and helping out mommy!  I am in San Fiego and would love to share contacts with you and anyone else interested -  
HAHA!  Typing on the iPhone never helps - FYI I am in San DIEGO ;) sorry for the typo
could not make it but I sure would appreciate the updates. My email is: Thank you for sharing
To piggyback on this posting.....

We are each other's best asset when it comes to business growth. We each have the ear of asset managers/REO divisions at various companies that are always looking for good service comparable to what you provide them. Its time that we start leveraging our connections and seeing how referrals can business growth, especially agents who arent competing in the same market.

We should all be asking if they are looking for professionals to cover any new assignments when we close business with them. That is the prime opportunity to do so.
I really wanted to make it to 5 Star, but will definitely make it next year. I would love any updates, my email is Thanks so much!
I would love to have updates. I would also be happy to share contact info with you. Hope you are having fun at Five Star! Sorry I couldn't make it.
Here is my email.
Thank you,


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