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I am RDCPRO certified how many on REOPRO are RDCPRO certified?

Advanced Evaluations is a core course for the REO Default Certified Professional (RDCProTM) designation. You must complete both REO Best Practices and Advanced Evaluations in order to apply for your RDCProTM.


REO Default Certified Professional (RDCProTM)

The Default School RDCProTM designation is already an REO industry standard for any real estate broker or agent. By completing the required online REO training courses, you can achieve this certification and move one step closer to working with a number of leading corporate REO sellers. Earning the certification adds your name and expertise to the private Default School database that clients access on a daily basis to find qualified real estate professionals.



  • I am wondering how many Realtors on here have this designation and have you found it to lead to any new business?


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I am. I'm not sure how much weight it carries anymore. I know that some companies are now asking for A-REO and CDPE. Had to get those, too.
Never had a client ask me what certifications I had, they only wanted to know what I could do for them.
^ 110% agreed with Steve on this.  The application processes ask what designations you carry.  And sometimes I'm sure those with them may gain some advantage over those without them.  However, all of my clients I have received via referral.  Once I get the opportunity to do business with them, I am great at forming & keeping relationships & putting up results with my assets!  This is what continues to get me business on the REO listing side of my ventures.  However, I do intend on getting the CDPE wrapped up this year for my own wealth of knowledge.  I attend at least one seminar a month pertaining specifically to REO's and/or Short Sales from my local Board to always continually be "sharpening the saw".
I had it for few years now. Nothing came as far as REO is concern.
I am RDCPro certified.  It was and still is a requirement for Wells.
Steve I had an asset with ORDS they required A-REO, I went ahead and got that certifications some time ago too.
Steve A this is becoming more and more common to have clients ask for certain certifications. While I know some older REO agents are saying it is not hurting their business I could see where that could be true while you have a contact at the bank or AMP. The thing is in this industry contacts move positions and companies and you might have to get certifications along the way this is just becoming part of the business.
 ZUBARIA they say when taking the course that you are once completed with the course entered into a lender database. I have not yet seen any new business from the certificaton but this was a requirement from one of Fannie Mae's AMP so I went ahead and completed.

Marqueze it would be worth getting the designation to get your foot in the door with Citi and or One West.

Michael thanks for the feedback. I think anyone would get the designation to get a chance in with Wells Fargo.

I notice on the default school it is labeled CitiMortgage REO Policies and Procedures 2010. Marqueze are you working with Citi and One West. I have worked with One West with listings through Res.Net and took a certification on Res.Net for them now just wondering if Citi still uses or requires them for new agents coming on anyone have any feedback on this. I know Citi's network hasnt been open for awhile.


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