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Clear out of the blue!  I was part of the mass firing from at least 2 years ago. I didn't get the order because I knew that they probably couldn't get my fee approved. But, wow. What a shock. 

Anyone else getting Altisource orders?  Are they coming to you via email?  Or are you getting calls?  Or do they come from Equator? 

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I do them, via email.  They call when no one jumps on the blast email. I can usually get them up to $75 exterior with a phone call. Been consistent for a year at least.

I usually just run away, for any amount!

Hey CeCe,

I'm not sure if you knew this but a few year ago when you had your ordeal with Altisource Portfolio Solutions, was likely when they moved over to a new BPO platform at:

They emailed a private invite to selected agents/brokers asking if they'd like to be a "Preferred Agent/Broker" for them. If you didn't get the invite you won't get orders.

Although, we've seen them pick lots of "preferred" people for a given area, especially bigger markets, the agent/broker thinks that they are the only one getting orders in their area. We all know that this would mean disaster for the company to only be reliant on a few so they spread themselves out.

I hope this helps you and any one else with questions you may have about this!
And maybe this call will help open up doors with them again!

P.S. Their fees have gone down but their volume is still high.

Thanks.  I was using both platforms at the time.  The old one for a listing and this newer one for BPOS.  Now they want property inspections and 'management'.

 I signed up with Altisource last week and received an email this afternoon for a BPO 36 miles(and two counties) away. Paying only $40.  I did not accept.

36 miles radius. 57 miles one-way if you drive.

All of these companies for the most part you can ask for a higher fee. I am always doing BPO's that are further away from me for $100-$175. Not always are they approved but a lot of times they are. 

I got them up to $110. - CECE I sent you a friend invite, I some information for you about Altisource.


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