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I have received a SAP E-Sourcing (username & password) for Fannie Mae

I have received a SAP E-Sourcing (username & password) for Fannie Mae, Anyone have experience on how long it takes to get a full approval or what should I be expecting next.


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Bunch of info here from others about how this works. When you get that user name and password it only means you have told FNMA you are interested in becoming a broker.

They just selected some of us to go to Application step 2. The deadline for that was October 8th I believe.

Does anyone have a phone number or any form of contact for SAP E-Sourcing?

I received on 5-1-2013 to make sure all information is update with just a name no number was that your case too? they said dead line is 5-21-2013,

What is the process to become an agent for Fannie Mae .. help me please

thats were i was directed to hope it helps good luck


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