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I received a call from a contact a Single Source Property to inquire about how many BPO orders can I handle at once.  It appears that they are going to be doing a direct assignment starting in March.  As we continued to talk I was probing around volume and if it would return to it's previous levels.  He informed me that they are expecting a large bulk order in March.  Then, I received a call from LPS-LSI yesterday in regard to a similar situation.  So, I also asked about volume since they were one of my largest vendors to date.  I was also informed that they are also expecting a large (10,000+) bulk order starting next Friday.  I'm hoping that these are the signs that illustrate that the BPO volume will return.  Best of luck to all of my BPO agents here on REOPRO.

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They did exactly what they said they would. I received an alarming amount of orders Thursday, Friday and even today (from another vendor today). Between the orders received and 2 new REO assignments, it's been busy. Hope all is well with everyone.


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