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Anyone else experiencing pay issues with Integrated Asset Services?  I'm 90 days out.

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I haven't been paid for over 90 days as well, although, it shows that the checks have been processed into their system.

I'm waiting for months end.  Hopefully there is a check in my box next week.  They said 09/30 to be sent.

Yes, I have had problems lately too.

IAS has been a good company to work for in past for BPOs & REOs.


One staff person said in an e-mail that have combined 3 companies into IAS in to one accounting platform.

However I am in the same boat of not being paid for BPO's completed over 90-days ago....


Dear IAS Broker/Agent,


In an effort to improve our client service levels,  IAS is pleased to announce two new ways for brokers/agents and appraisers to contact our Accounting group through phone and e-mail.  All payment related communication must be directed to the Accounting Group using the methods below.  Please do not refer or engage IAS business staff on payment related inquiries or communications.  In order to be the most efficient in responding to your inquiry we will ask all internal staff to direct all e-mails and phone calls received by IAS staff to the below.  Our commitment is to respond to your inquiry within two (2) business days.  On our website under “Contact Us” we have added “I have a billing inquiry” which will take you to a page that has the following options; (1) an Accounting Phone Number and (2) Website inquiry availability. 


Option 1 < new>

You now have direct access to Accounting to discuss your payment inquiry. This phone number has also been added to our IAS website under the “Contact Us” section for future reference.


Call 303-850-2860 and leave a message about your payment.  Also, please get into our website, you don’t have to log in, click on “contact us”, then click on “I have a payment inquiry”.  Input your name etc and info on payments you are waiting on.

Option 2 <new>

Inquiry through IAS website- Contact Us tab

Go to IAS website,,  click on the “Contact Us” tab and select “I have a payment Inquiry.” Fill in your contact information and inquiry and it will be directed to Accounting to respond. You do not have to login to our website to send an inquiry.


Option 3 <current option still available>

Accounting inquiry e-mail

Payment inquiries can be sent  to the following e-mail in Accounting –

Please include your name, company name, best phone number and e-mail address to reach you at, and a brief description of your payment inquiry.  Please include “Special Payment Inquiry”  in the subject line to help assist us in responding to you.


Thank you,

Integrated Asset Services


Good news from IAS yesterday >>>> We were delayed because we did not receive payments from 2 major clients. We have been re-capitalized. All agents will be paid current to 60 days by month’s end. Then, everyone will be brought current to 45 days. That schedule will not slip.
Robert, where did you get the info on your post from? I have called and emailed and they do not pick up the phone anymore or answer emails. Please let us know. I think they owe many people money. Thanks.
I got this message from the person who sends me bpo orders.  An associate from another co told me he heard the same thing from the same contact today.  I'll continue for a few more weeks before making any decision.  I believe her when she says they'll pay - for now.
YES! It's been a problem for more then a year now. I started asking for payment, the last check took a month, only got part of my money. They have not sent any BPO's since I started asking for money. As for me, I will no longer do work for them. They can't be trusted.

Run far, far away. They do not respond to emails, the contact number for payment information goes directly to VM, the accounting manager's number I was given is disconnected and they are not allowed to give out the direct number. At this point they are not to be trusted and you should consider any work you do for them to be charity.


I will by all means come back and post if they pay, but the newest BPO they owe us on is at 70 days old.

This is what I received


We understand the issues that you face associated with our delayed payment and we are currently working to remedy this situation. We are committed to paying everyone current up to our 45-60 day payment cycle. While this is taking some time for us to manage, we have a process in place to resolve the issue.


I will escalate your payment inquiry to management marked “URGENT” for approval to get a check cut and mailed to you for BPO’s completed since October, 2010.


Thank you for your patience.

I am happy to report that we received a call from them on Monday stating that they would pay everything 90 days old. Today we received a check for everything they owed us.

I received payment today thru 09/19/11.  I had to threaten them with a boycott from our town to do it though.

Oh Yes....

I have been working with IAS for the past 5 years with no problems. I never really double check any thing I completed for them because the checks where always there. I grew my office and added more staff. I dropped by accounting one day and was looking over the books when I noticed we have not received a payment from them in almost 10 months. I got on the horn and started calling. The gave me a small run around for about 2 more months until I finally spoke with the VP. With in 3 days I received 2 very nice size checks. I still complete bpos for them. I received 10-15 a week. They are one of my best customers.


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