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Anyone else experiencing pay issues with Integrated Asset Services?  I'm 90 days out.

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My colleagues and I have received full payment from IAS today!! Along with the check, a thank you letter and details of a new Preferred Partner Program. Happy New Year!!!

I was so happy to receive payment in full, a letter of thank you and a promise that agents would be paid on time. Finally, I took a risk. i kept doing BPOs for IAS based on their prior reputation and former payment history, and this time it paid off. It doesn't always work out this way, unfortunately.


I am other one of the agents that have not got paid for my 13 BPO's dating back to Dec of 2010. After numerous attempts to contact Ashley Bogart by phone & email along with several other people in the company I have come up empty.. I even threatened smail claims and got no response.. I'll file a complaint with the BBB and keep you posted.

As for doing the BPO's for free good luck. From what I have been told they pretty much have their select few who do their REO's in ea. area the odds are you will not get them unless they screw up pretty bad


I spoke to Ashley I have been waiting since 3/11 on multiple checks. She said she would esculate it to management. I asked her how many times she had to do that because I have inquired multiple times and still NO check. I work w/multiple REO companies and the last REO I had sold for them they had listed w/another agent who had a personal family conflict w/my buyer. The listing agent did everything she could to delay closing in the end IAS charged my buyer a $3800 per diem for the delays when most of it was caused from their listing agent who was being unethical to my buyer. Worst experience I've had in years!! They were ready to kill a deal that was not my buyers delay and slapped him w/big per diem delay which was out of his control. They were quick to take his $ and fine him/the buyer but don't want to pay us. I am done w/them and will contact the atty generals office

no experience with them at all but just signed up with them yesterday.  You're post was valuable!  None of us want to be taken advantage of. 

90 days is a big red flag....good luck!

They pay at first get u and then before u know it one year later they owe u and don't ever pay u!! U will be working for free before it is all said and done. Just a warning. Beware! They also say they will pay double what most do for example several of mine they were to pay $150 or $200 so I took them because I wont work for companies that pay cheap. Only do min of $125 per order on average. Anyway they say they will pay it then don't!

Hmm... i haven't been paid either and they were rush BPO's done in November 2011. 

They do not respond to my emails...  I have a friend who has a collection agency and I may send them to collections....



You will be glad to know that I was owed money since March and I am finally caught up to all past due payments till december.. Please email and call and you will get your money. I had 2 checks that were written out but never mail. Please stay on top and you will get paid.


Great news! I recieved my payment in full on Friday..  below is the contact that I got from a fellow agent in my office. I called and left a message on Monday she returned my call late Tuesday to tell me the check was in the mail. (like we have all heard that before lol). I'm not sure if my BBB complaint had anything to do with it but here's the contact anyway.

Thanks for all your posts to help resolve my problem.



Accounting Assistant

General Inquiry # 303-850-2860

I was finally paid for all outstanding orders just last month. I, too, filed a complaint with the BBB. Ashley Bogart was my contact at the company. I will not do any more work for this company. I informed them of that and then they still placed more orders on my profile. So, I informed the rep again that I WILL NOT be completing ANY MORE ORDERS. At that point, I was told that it was "unprofessional" of me not to complete orders that had already been assigned to me. Really??? Of course, I replied that it was unprofessional of them to 1) assign BPO orders to agents all across the country and not pay on time 2) fail to respond to payment inquiries for weeks and months on end and 3) assign orders to an agent that has already put the company on notice that he/she will NOT be completing any more orders. I also included a link to this posting. For lower than average pay and tougher than average QA, combined with poor payment schedules - I will definitely take a pass now and in the future!

Any recent updates?

I sent an email to all of these folks and received a response from Bogart immediately.  BTW, here are all their emails:,,,,,, Maybe if we all do this we will get some movement.


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