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Anyone else experiencing pay issues with Integrated Asset Services?  I'm 90 days out.

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How can we on this site, get their stars reduced?  They don't deserve any stars and that's an incorrect status for their recent practices in paying agents.

There are several companies on that list that should be banned......

who is the person in charge of giving stars to these companies?  It needs to be addressed and soon before too many other agents waste their time and don't get paid.

At this time we have very little respect for this company. Back in August we were given two assets by them and asked that any monies owed at that time be paid. After payment we requested that they reassign the assets. Seeming shocked and asking why,  we responded RE-ASSIGN THE ASSET! When McCarthy ran this company they were great! They are now the class clowns!

I'm really bummed reading all of these. I just got a listing assignment from them. I spent money doing a HVAC repair, sales clean, and some snow removal. They told me the other day it was 60 days then in another email they said they were running behind. Also I have yet to list the property and I sent a email checking on it yesterday and still haven't gotten a reply. I'm concerned they might lose the asset then who knows when I will get paid. All these REO companies tell us we need to be ready to pay for things up front then this kind of stuff happens. Also why should reimbursement take 60 days. PAS/Wells Fargo has been my number 1 client for years. They reimburse in 2 weeks. I will update when something happens.

hi Zac, are you talking about IAS listing assignment?  In 6 years they gave me 5 and I know they had more.  They make the broker pay for all the utilities to be turned on, deposits and all and you have to wait until it closes to get reimbursed.  In one case the Electric Company wanted a $300 deposit.  I know I'd get it back after closing, but it took them 2 or 3 months to get it finally listed and another 2 to get it sold, and all that time I was out of my money.  Not doing that again and as far as IAS, I guess I'm no longer an agent.  Fine by me.

Yes its a listing assignment. I guess I will see how it goes. I'm not sure why we aren't listed yet. I saw on anther REO board someone said the lost a BOA account?? This is my first listing with IAS. I"ve been signed up for 3 years. I've only done a few BPO's I guess they don't do much business in Denver.

I just got a reimbursed this week for a re-key that I completed for a listing assignment in November.  they pulled the listing before I spent any more money.

When I asked about the monies, they told me I would not be getting any since the file got pulled from them.  Imagine my surprise when it arrived this week.

I'll be honest I'm getting alitte nervous this property should have been listed by now. I completed all of my tasks 2 weeks ago. I can't believe reimbursement takes 60 days. Or they tell me 60 then I'm told they are running behind. Looks like I could be out around $800. I sure hope this comes through.


I have 2 email contacts you can harass as well for your money. I email both every day and also send Ashley a fax. Ashley Bogart VP - Client Services O 303.850.2846 M 720.839.7456 F 303.850.2902  and Sheba Nelson AP Specialist O 303.889.8811 I was just advised this morning by Ashley they are sending my check next week.

I had every email in the book for IAS and this last time nothing worked except the Denver BBB.  That's the way they want to play it, ok by me.  I got paid and will do NO MORE work for them.

IAS Dead beats.They are in business because people dont pay their bills (mortgages). They are doing the same thing to agents.Who is going to foreclose on them


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