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Any one having issues w/ IAS? I am having a hard time getting paid for BPO work i have done...I sent an email twice and this is the response I received after 2 weeks:

"Hello Reetesh,

We are currently working as quickly as possible to clear up a back log of payments. Your payment request has been noted and will be addressed. At this time we do not have an exact mailing date for your payment. We would like to thank you for your continued patience.


Please direct all payment inquiries to"

This has really disheartened me to work with them and I am actually disappointed it came down to this. IAS was my number 1 company... Any feedback would be nice

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I would recommend you to file a complaint with BBB against them, that's how I got my check a few days later, after months and months of emailing with no answer.  Start the complaint now before they have to clear "a back log of complaints."  I am done with IAS, I don't like to hound clients for my paycheck... Companies that don't show us that they valued us by at least paying us in a timely manner is not worth our time.

You need to get away from these people! collect what is owed you in any way possible! If you have assets have them re-assigned. Yes they were a good company but now they are trying to stay afloat at your expense.

So! It is true...I heard about the complete change in management. Is that what you are referring to?

Yeah, when McCarthy ran IAS it was a powerhouse company, Now, I am not to sure what they are. I am not in business to wait and wait unable to get an answer on payments and then find out the rumors are true. 

I just filed a complaint with BBB against IAS. I have done BPOs for over a year and never received payment. They have a B- rating from BBB with 147 complaints, 113 of these are Billing/Collections complaints. Good luck!

Damn! It's a shame...This was my best company ever...I was really taken aback by their response that they have no idea when my check will be issued. As of last week I stopped doing BPOs for them and am not taking any more assignments from them...

I just got the same message. I'm going to email them every day demanding my money. I have 2 email contacts you can harass as well.  Ashley Bogart VP - Client Services O 303.850.2846 M 720.839.7456 F 303.850.2902  and Sheba Nelson AP Specialist O 303.889.8811


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