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I signed up with them .also paid $200 fee . I received a welcome letter that they have received my application along with copy of Broker License and E and O insurance. I tried to reply that e-mail. It bounced back.I left a message.No one return my call. I am wandering if this is a legit company or what?

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Give them couple of days, it will be approved. The email bounced back because it was automated. Did you sign upi today then its a weekend? You probably hear from them on weekdays. Send your message by using their forum
It has been over 2 weeks. No response,no lead from them. I doubt that this is a legit company.
Hi Vic:

A similar forum discussion has been started, you might want to check it out.
I finally received a e-mail from paypal after really throwing a fit I received my 200.00 back. and will never do that one again
I signed up almost two weeks ago and also paid the $200 fee but the only thing I have received was the welcome letter by email - it is my understanding the they will start sending out REO's around July. I just hope I didn't pay $200 for nothing!
I signed up with AMS and have received a listing. Other companies I signed up with over the years have taken months to start assigning listings.
How long have you signed up with AMS? Have you received any email regarding your application status before getting a listing?
I never signed up, felt like putting the $200 fee at the very end of the sign up form was sneaky and gave me a bad feeling about them. I did read on another forum that they've sold company to Impac Companies (never heard of them). Don't know how this affects assignments for those who did sign up.
I heard they have given some REO's to Nevada area broker.
I got a listing from them the day after I signed up with them
You are doing good if you have any listing wioth them. I know no one who has received a listing from them except you. Put in a good word for me, please. Thanks.
Well update on the payment. I received notice from pay pal the money never came in so I guees this is a loss to put on my taxes. NO REFUND, THIS COMPANY IS A FRAUD been waiting since May


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