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Has anyone heard of the Infinity National Asset Management?  Also known as or at least your certification is National Valuation Institute.  I received an e-mail saying someone referred me and I would get $100 off for being referred to do BPOs and REO listings.  You need to take tests to get certified before becoming a member $299 since I will get the $100 off.  I get so many of this type of service and I am skeptical when they want to charge you.  I would like to know if anyone here has been approached and if so, did you think it was worth paying the $299 and did you really get REO listings?

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Hi Donna,

I also have been contacted by Infinity via email at least 4 times over the last 6 months. I replied to the email and asked some questions, but never received a response but got another generic email the next day. I looked through some of the older Forums on this company and the NVSI Certification. Go onto forums, and type in NVSI certification and you can see some of the feedback for yourself. I think the email is a solication for the certification. But I still registered with Infinity but I'm not going to pay for the NVSI. Some agents paid for it and all said it hasn't benefited them.
I also just received an invitation and seen on the form that the cost was $299.00.....going in to read the posts and will sleep on it.....Probably will not join as it sure sounded like many of the fly by night outfits......All wanting something like our cash.....If it sounds too good to be true then it probably isn't.......Wonder if we get soliticited from this site?
Received the same e-mail invite and this is what I found on line, try the link below.

Feb 3, 2010 ... Infinity Asset Management (IAM) is a duly licensed asset management company which ... who have worked in the financial services industry for several years specializing in ... National University of Science and Technology ... - Cached
I too was contacted by this company to sign up and join. Once again the standard
" we are expecting a large volumne of assets and are looking for agents in your area....blah blah blah. I also suspect that this company might have obtained my e-mail through this site. I joined the asset company, but passed on the NVSI certification part.

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Hi Donna,
I am new to REO Pro and read this post!

These are all good questions and concerns, although Infinity National Asset Management is a good company as I interviewed the leadership at Infinity for my article and have indirectly worked with them performing quality control audits and mortgage fraud audits related to the previous owners or transactions prior.

I also wrote an article- War on BPOs – Realtor's vs. Appraisers

I paid the $299.00 a while back and took the NVSI course, so I am certified, it was worth it and can tell you it will get you more business over another that does not have the Certification. That has been the consensus from many meeting with several Lenders/Investors. It has also provided me the knowledge on how to review the reports and expect more, as a lot BPO's are not completed correctly the 1st time, which most times, equal's not receiving a 2nd order.

It is my professional opinion that BPO's need a standardized format and certification, NVSI is the start to that and they appear to be improving the course all the time.

Send me questions, I will get answers from them, now that I have met Bruce & Jay!

Thanks for reading,



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