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Is anyone able to complete inspectionport BPOs in under 3 hours? Does any know if there is auto-populate software available withit to help?

Thank you

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Yes, it takes me 30 minutes to go an take pictures, 15 mins to select comps (and export this to CSV), 5 minutes to populate data and comps, 15 minutes review and complete missing data manually (fields like vacant, etc) ?... In under 2 hours I do most of my BPOs.
Maggie - what system are you using to populate? 

I was unable to complete my first one in under 3 hours, chalked it up to the learning curve on yet another new system.  Then spent way too much time on the 2nd one.  At which point I Informed them that I QUIT.  

The system is cumbersome, redundant, not ready for prime time.

There is a learning curve. Some properties that are located in "cookie cutter" subdivisions can be done very quickly, others with land,MH, older,bad condition and other exceptions typically take longer if you want to give your best opinion.You  have to take the good with the bad. As you progress, you will be able to discern which ones will take longer and those you can do quickly then you can choose the ones you want to accept or deny. But you have to pay your dues to get multiple orders and hopefully a listing.
I have done over 300 BPOs for Old Republic and I have never received not even one listing... Has anyone received REO from Old Republic?
I did last year but none recently. I was told by the AM that I had to join AVM to receive any listings from them, which I did but nothing yet to speak of this year at all. It is very slow here and the REO's and BPO's are just trickling in.

I was told by someone at Old Republic that their BPO and REO departments are separate, You can do BPO's for years and REO will not know about it. So you have to apply to their REO dept to get noticed. 

Hi Stephan:

 I have done a tons of BPO's for Old republic. Did you know how you apply for the REO Dept?.Thank you.



I have explained to InspectionPort that since I am paying them for this platform, I expect that they will clean up their format.  Learning curve has been a major pain.  It is ridiculous to have to enter subject data twice.  Once under the sold 'comps' and once under 'listing comps'.  there's extraneous entries that mean nothing where you have to put something in or it rejects the whole bpo.  typing in 'fee simple' 6 times is ridiculous.  this whole experience of taking a $5 paycut to pay for the platform for one of my best clients sure has me thinking I need an auto-fill program.  I'll be looking and let you know what I find.  Let us know what you find too! 

Inspection port is the worst system that i have ever used.  It takes forever to complete their form.   I'd rather work at McDonalds then complete this form. 

Lee, i am new to the system. What state are you in.

I made a mistake to do an interior inspection report. It involves taking photo of every room and had to estimat repair as well as valuation.   The additional pay is just enough to get a cup of coffee Grande at Starbucks.   I suspect it was for a CFK request.


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