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Is anyone able to complete inspectionport BPOs in under 3 hours? Does any know if there is auto-populate software available withit to help?

Thank you

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In my experience, all interior BPOs require phtos of all room, repairs, as well as repair cost estimates. 

Oh how I miss their old form! This new form is just the strangest form in the BPO business. It's like they were only willing to pay for the cheapest model when they hired the form designer. I love this company, they have been so good to me. It's how I got into the REO business, simply by doing tons of BPO's for Countrywide and then one day I got a listing.  I've managed to get it down to 45 minutes to complete one BPO. I'm blazing fast at copy and paste. It really helps to upgrade to 2 monitors, a really good mouse and keyboard. But nevertheless this new form seems somewhat disrespectful of us providers in that it requires so many inputs to complete the job. Many of the inputs could be automated like with drop down menu choices to cut down on typing and mistakes, auto-fill of repetitive info. (having to fill in subject data twice is so dumb, because it is so easy on a programming level, to fix).  I just shake my head and say what a shame. You'd think they'd want to attract good talent to complete their BPO's. But with this form it seems they would drive away the more savy and non-desperate. I often do BPO's for BAC through other providers who have basically copied this same Inspection port form but  added their own improvements like drop down menu choices and auto-fill of repeating data. God, I wish I could fulfill all BAC Bpo's via these other providers due to the vastly more pleasing input experience of the alt. vendors.  Nevertheless I'm still grateful for the work they offer. It would just give more of a boost to my faith in humanity to see when a company introduces a new form, that it would be a form that makes our job easier while providing the client with more meaningful data instead of what has happened with this form. This form is like a step into the dark ages of computing. I say this with all due respect to them. If they read this I hope they understand it is meant as constructive input

Stephen - I copied your above reply, without your name of course, and sent it on to Landsafe.  Not sure if I sent it to InspectionPort.  I had been sending them both suggestions for improving the form and thought your response captured the essence of my feelings on the subject.  I included date input style, zipcode autofill city/state suggestions, etc.  And Landsafe did respond previously that they were taking suggestions but I'm not sure that they really are considering them.  And they are still sending me BPOs, so they didn't cut me off!       



Our company has auto form fill software for Inspection Port, this is one of the better companies to work with in my opinion because their forms are well structured.  You don't have to scroll up and down and they pack in all the information onto about 3 pages.  However, automation is only as good as your MLS system.  Let me know what system you use and I can give you a quote and timetable for a custom script.  We also have the software available for you to run your scripts, and its free!  We  charge NO monthly fees to use our software.    


John Gattinger

I have mastered the form!  Mainly due to the increase in BoA BPO assignments!  I'm getting about 10 a week and once I get into the groove of the form, it goes pretty quickly.  I use single letter abreviations and get no complaints or feedback.  I use P, F, A, G, VG, E for poor to excellent.  I copy and paste 'fee simple' and city names in all 6 places.   Etc. 


Seems that Bank of America is letting loose.  I recognize a lot of these BPOs as addresses I've valued for them before all of their legal probems and conversion to InspectionPort.

Cece, i am new to the system, Do you have an email for INSPECTION PORT


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