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Now that I can get an iphone with Verizon , I would like to hear your votes of which system is more user friendly when it comes to accept assignments on the go.


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i phone !   I sometimes wonder about the droid incredible.  IF anyone out there ever had an iphone they loved and then switched to driod incredible I want to hear from you....... seriously.  Some people love blackberry or driod but they were never i phone people.  The photos and video options on i phone are great.  New i phone 4 has the much need flash option too.  I also have an iphone app that adds a DATE STAMP to photos on my iphone, great for field work in REO.  I can review listings and offer contracts and PDF etc attachments over the i phone email anytime.  My local mls even has iphone apps for searching .......  The calendar and notes sections and touch screen copy paste are awaesome too!

I am a phone junkie and would love to share my 2 cents.  For years I conducted business with an iPhone.  However, time has past and it is no longer the hard hitting, powerful, fast phone that dominated the market.  In comparison to most new Droid phones, it has half the processing(it takes twice as long to execute a task).  Furthermore, it's iOS4 software doesn't allow for full flash.  This may not be of value to all, but if you are going to invest into the latest technology you might as well get all the specs you can.  I also believe that the interface is smoother allowing for a more convenient navigation.  I do not want to bash the iPhone in anyway, however, it is well behind the latest technology.  If you do a side by side comparison for the iPhone compared to a heavy hitting Andriod, the results prove Android triumphant.  If you are Verizon and looking for a good phone, consider their HTC Thunderbolt set to release in a few days.... that is if you can find one available in stores. Good Luck!


He/she with the fastest phone can accept the most assignments on the go...

I have a BB but I do agree with Chris...HTC is killer with technology. Iphone is more of a toy to me. I have had both btw, and I just like my BB.  But BB is very far behind when it comes to technology. BB Emails come instant and for those who do BPOs, this is imperative! Chose wisely and if you don't like t heck take it back.
My Iphone cancels tommorrow in a word droid or iphone
I've had the BB with US cellular for 2 yrs now and I'm pumped about the Thunderbolt coming to Verizon in a week or so. I will be owning one soon. BB just isn't the phone to do business on anymore. Android is the way of the future. I just read that Google just hired alot of people to start writing apps for android, so the apps will be catching Apple iphone very soon
Joseph, hands down, go Android.
Thanx do you recommend a particular model or carrier
In all honesty, if you are pleased with your current provider don't switch. All providers have issues and switching providers is only trading current issues for different ones. I recently went to Sprint because, as of now, they are the only provider with true 4G coverage. ATT and Verizon have a new network in the mix and should fully launch this year. So, pick a company that has earned your trust.

As far as handset, its hard to suggest a model without knowing how you use your phone. Sounds off saying that, but the phones have progressed so much that they serve as many tools. What I'd look for is a phone with a good camera, at lead 1 gig of RAM and a good processer. One feature that is becoming big is the Hot Spot feature. I use this often and is great when out and about without internet for your laptop or notebook. So, with my phone I can provide internet access to 5 other devices. The speeds vary, however, in full 4G areas you can get really fast coverage. I'd ask if the devise you plan on purchasing had that option. It's great!
Thanks for your expertise
HTc or windows 7 any thoughts
I am in love with my Verizon, Droid X.  It does everything but drive the car.


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