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Now that I can get an iphone with Verizon , I would like to hear your votes of which system is more user friendly when it comes to accept assignments on the go.


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That is tough. It depends on how "connected" you are.  Do you use your windows computer/laptop to the fullest?  If you are going to sync your phone to your computer for agenda's, contacts, media, etc and you own a windows PC, the sync configuration between the two would be very simple and may be of value to some. The other advantage for the Windows phone for some will be the navigation of the phone since, to an extent, it is designed to run like a Windows tablet. 

On the other hand, I enjoy my Android and don't sync it with my other devices often.  So, that feature and benefit didn't concern me too much.  I honestly don't think you will be upset with either of the two platforms. 


 Let me know what you decide to go with. I'm now curious to see...

The day my iphone contract expired it broke. I was out of town but I was near a AT&T store so I renewed my iphone. Sunday A&TT is releasing a new droid. I have a 30 day exchange privilege so I'm going with the droid. I will be back later with a million questions. Stay tuned

Well I guess my dilemma now is iphone or droid. Chris you did  mention that you can connect the phone to the computer. How does it work ? Can I actually do BPO's on the go? Do you pay extra ? can you watch live tv ?.

Thanks , after all this comments I might get a droid. Now droid incredible, X or Global?


Hey Thanks....I am considering going to Android after a very long term relationship w/ Blackberry.  ATT is my service provider and I have a rep that is A+ and he recommended waiting until Feb 13th that is when the latest Android is being released.  He stated the only thing I had to get use to was the key board...he stated that it was more difficult to "text" while driving.  Well I am ok w/ that and have had to put my phone in my trunk to stay away...I am totally addicted and can't put my phone away.  Sorry for lack of details...but my decision is based on a high recommendation from a ATT rep that I have bought all my phones from going on 5 or maybe 6 years now.  Customer service and technology goes hand and hand for me.  The one thing I might say is email/text is my #1 source of business.    I have noticed that the iphone realtor users are really poor in responding promptly to emails.  It is amazing how much of my business is silent and managed any where.  I am looking forward to more business apps that will work as hard as I do.  Monica keep us posted. 

Monica,  the way it works is rather simple.  Your phone, when set to "hotspot," will become a modem and wireless router.  It has enough power to power up to 5 devises.  So, if you are out and have a laptop, you can get full internet access through the phone's tethering.  You can complete BPOs or pull comps.  You really can do anything you would do from home.  I actually have completed a BPO while sitting in a parking lot as my better half was shopping. LOL.  As far as live TV, there are options for that.  As video streaming because more popular, I've noticed an increase in shows available on the phone(s).  If you really want that feature on the go, look into slingbox.  Each company has a different fee for the "hotspot" feature.  I pay $30 per month for unlimited tethering.  In comparison to the $60 I pay the cable company for internet, it's a steal and works great.  As far as the handset, you have named a few older models.  They are all decent phones, however, may lack some power and bells and whistles the newer phones offer.  All 4 of the biggest providers have new Andoid phones releasing this month and almost every month throught the year.  So, a stop by the local dealer to inquire about new phones and release dates may not hurt.  I might even have a few links that I could share that could educate a consumer on the new equipment set to release.
Well after all I ended up getting a Droid 2 global. Now I have to get use to it , to all the bells and whisles. But I need to take it back to the store the battery runs out so quickly , that I don't know if it is something wrong with the battery or I am doing something wrong, Also I think I set my email wrong  it is not working , I don't get any notices when I get an email. But I think the Apps are great.


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